It Can Be Done

I got a good deal on 2017 Rav4 last week. I went in looking for two specific used Rav4s that the dealer had in stock, and saw them, and was unimpressed. One rode horribly, and the other one just looked bad. It had tons of dirt and mud on the underside and made me wonder where it had been even though it had "been thru service" and "initially prepped for sale". While there, the salesman said, "I have another one at a higher trim level and really low miles." I knew what that meant...more money for options that were not totally necessary. I told him I would give it a ride, but had no interest in paying the differential between that car and the ones I had come to look at. (I didn't even know what it was initially, turned out to be about $4000.)

Well, they must have wanted to move that stock (had been on the lot for 50 days). After I had a favorable test drive, they offered to give me the Rav4 at a price darn close to the other ones I had been looking at (just a few dollars...literally less than 10). I showed some hesitation when the doc & prep fees appeared. 

I asked if it was going to take them more than 4 hours to do all the doc work, and said I got back a "probably not". I returned with a "well then, I'm not paying you more than $100/hr to do that". "Well my hands are tied, that's our dealer's rate." Then I told him I wouldn't buy that car under those conditions unless they made it CPO...which they no additional cost. 

So I got a Rav4 with under 11k miles for about $25k, basically what the book value was...not the 29 or so they were looking for initially.
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