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2021 Toyota RAV4 Prime SE – Hoselton Toyota, East Rochester, New York

I'm happy to share another deal, in this case for my mother. She found herself in the market for a new car out of her control during this crazy time (she had planned to wait another two years, but her current 10 year old, high mileage car needs major work not worth doing). It's not as good as I had hoped (never thought paying MSRP+ would be "normal"), but she's happy, so there it is!

She was set on a plug-in hybrid crossover, and the RAV4 Prime was the best fit for her needs and budget. Unfortunately, inventory is extremely scarce, and cars sell immediately, if they even make it to the lot at all (many in transit are already reserved). After contacting about eight dealers in upstate NY, I found an in-stock unit at Hoselton Toyota in East Rochester in the exact spec mom wanted, which had been on the lot for a handful of days. She could not have been happier with the experience. The sales staff was very friendly and helpful, particularly mom's salesperson, Ms. Trystan Sylvester. I highly recommend doing business with them if you are in NY. Here are the details:

MSRP: $41,942
Market Adjustment: $800 (negotiated down from $1000, the dealer said this was as low as they would go for an out-of-area buyer, since they won't get the service business)
Doc Fee: $175
Title/Registration: $148 (NY set)
NYS Inspection: $10 (NY set)
Waste tire fee: $12.50
Sales tax (8%): $3,419.36
Total Price: $46,507.36

NYS EV Rebate (given at point of sale): -$1,000
Cash Down: -$10,000
Balance to Finance: $35,507.36
Financed at 1.69% (buy rate, dealership beat mom's pre-approval at 1.89%)

The dealer also threw in at no cost a homelink, auto-dimming mirror, normally $175 plus installation. This is a feature mom really wanted, but is a dealer-installed option on the SE trim (standard on the XSE, though). They also gave roof rack cross bars for free (~$300)! With these freebies, the $800 ADM doesn't look as bad.

The $10,000 down anticipates the $7,500 EV tax credit coming back in the Spring after tax filing, and selling her existing car outright for parts or repair (valued ~$4,000). She will actually come out ahead, cash wise!

If anyone is looking for a Toyota in upstate NY, definitely check out Hoselton in East Rochester. They are a family run, customer-first store, and a real class act. Ask for Trystan Sylvester and you won't be disappointed! Feel free to DM me for more details if you want.
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Sharing my deal (May 2021) BMW 330xi

Hi folks,

In case it's helpful for anyone, I'm sharing my deal details from May 2021 (end of the month).

Purchased: New (demo) 2020 BMW 330i xDrive (6,100 miles)
Traded: 2018 Honda Accord 2.0T Sport Manual (60,000 miles, leased)

MSRP: $49,545
Dealer Discount: -$9,828 (19.8%)
BMW Conquest Credit: -$1,000
Net Price: $38,717
Doc Fee (IN fixed): $199
BMV Fee (IN fixed): $15
OTD: $38,931
Sales Tax (7%): $2,794.12 (no tax credit when trading a leased vehicle)
Trade Allowance: -$22,000
Trade Payoff: $17,228.47
Cash Down: -$2,000
Balance to Finance: $34,953.59
Financed with BMW Financial Services at 0.9%

Thanks so much to Ray and Zach for all that you do! I used to do some work as a car buyers' agent, so I've done a lot of deals, and I'm still learning things about negotiating from following you. Your service is an incredible resource for consumers!

Also, a big shoutout to the team at Basney BMW in South Bend, Indiana, especially my client advisor, Denny Moss. They are a class act, very customer-focused, no bullshit, no extra fees or markups, no pressure, and honest. If you're in the Chicago, Indiana, or southern Michigan area interested in a BMW, definitely give Denny a call (and mention I recommended him).

Ben Stone
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