Replaced 2018 Toyota Highlander with 2021 Toyota Highlander (saving ~$100/mo on lease) - New England

I just made an upgrade from my 2018 Toyota Highlander (36mo/12k) to a 2021 Toyota Highlander (36mo/10k).

My lease on the 2018 Highlander was coming due in late August and I was trying to figure out the best strategy. I had only 19k miles (vs the allocated 36k miles). The low mileage and the current trade-in market gave a lease equity of ~ 6k - 6.5k. 

After looking for a replacement Highlander, I finally found one that I liked about 50 miles away. I got a great price online and went to the dealer to negotiate some more. With the tight market, all I was able to get was another $500 off with lease loyalty. The dealer didn't offer a good price for the potential trade-in of the 2018 Highlander and I ended up selling the car to Carmax with approx. $6k equity. 

With the $6k equity being used as down payment, my monthly payment is about 25% lower now (~$100 a month!) and I am driving a brand new vehicle!

MSRP: $44,011
Dealer Discount: $3,295
Toyota Rebate: $750
Toyota Lease Loyalty: $500
Adjusted Price: $ 39,466
Invoice: $39,994 (
Tax: $294 (its based on the downpayment and hence so high)
Admin Fee: $495
TFS Acquisition Fee: $650
Runner: $100 (bought vehicle in NH and I live in MA, so dealer charged a fee to get it registered across the border)
Title / Documentation / Transfer Plates: $ 100
Total Balance: $ 41,105
Residual: 67%: $29,487 (This did seem a little low...)
MF: 0.00155 (APR 3.72% - this was very high, but TFS seems to be making the best of high demand by increasing interest rates)
Net Interest Payment: ~ $5k (over 3 years)

1st Month Payment: $300
Fees: $1300
Taxes: $438
Downpayment: $3,762
Total Payment on Day of Pick-up: $5,800

The dealer allowed me to pay $2,500 with my credit card and I got some good # of points with that too. 

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