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Thank you YAA! - 2021 Hyundai Santa Fe Calligraphy AWD

I would like to start with extending my utmost gratitude to Ray, Zach and Kim for what you do for us novice car buyers. And a huge thank you to Justise for all his help throughout my car buying experience. Without you all, I wouldn't have brought my 2021 Hyundai Santa Fe Calligraphy home at, MSRP - $2,749.00 (Invoice - $1,195.00). Here are the details of my purchase:

Invoice:                                     $43,291.00
MSRP:                                      $44,845.00
Dealer Discount (DD):               $1,749.00
Price after DD:                        $43,096.00   
Rebate (R):                                 $1,000.00
Selling Price after DD and R: $42,096.00
D/H:                                               $699.00
Title:                                                 $37.20
Tax:                                             $3,722.56
OTD:                                         $46,554.76

After my somewhat disappointing experience with a dealership I visited on Monday (details here: https://community.yaamember.com/c/buying/how-do-you-respond-to-sales-persons-and-their-managers-lying-about-things), I decided to approach the original dealership that was offering me the best OTD price (MSRP - $2000, $1000 of those were rebates). Amusingly, I had 2 offers from this dealership from 2 different salesmen. Salesman 1 was offering me MSRP - $1800 while salesman 2 was offering me MSRP - $2000. 😃. This hadn't happened with me before. I had all sorts of questions. I had been to the dealership once before and met salesman 1. Do salesmen talk about their prospective customers? If salesman 1 sees me meeting salesman 2, would they take back the better offer from salesman 2? Justise came to the rescue. He assured me that the salesmen were probably reporting to different sales managers in which case, they won't exchange notes because they work on commissions. 

I naturally texted the salesman 2 asking him to have the car I was interested in, ready for me to test drive. The salesman responded saying, "I will try. We have two lots and I don't know what is where. Are you buying one of those two? Or are you just trying to test drive them? I can have similar models ready or those exact ones.". I responded saying, "I would like to test drive those exact cars. I am obviously not going to buy a car until I see it and test drive it. I will let you know how I would like to proceed after I test drive the car." (Thank you Ray!). The salesman agreed and setup an appointment at 1:00 pm.

Me and my wife reached the dealership for our appointment at the decided time. The salesman had the cars ready for us to test drive. We both drove the car and really loved it. The salesman wasn't with us on the test drive. So, we let our emotions flow naturally! 😃.

After we got back, the salesman asked us, "How was it? Isn't that car amazing? Is it the one?". To which I responded with a straight face 😒, "It's good. Didn't excite me too much though. I've been test driving some really good cars.". (Thank you Ray!). The salesman then says, "So, is there something I could do?". I realized this was my chance and said, "I'm really looking for a good value, a good OTD price.". He said, "I've given you my best OTD price via email I think. Let me print that out.". He came back with a paper that had my OTD price quote as before (MSRP - $1000 (Discount) - $1000 (Rebate) + Tax + D/H fee + Gov fee). I studied the quote, made sure all numbers made sense. Realizing this was my chance to strike, I told him, "I know you have to charge me the D/H fee. And so, I'll buy the car today if you take off the D/H fee from the selling price of the car". He stepped out to talk to his manager. I, honestly, wasn't expecting them to take off the entire D/H fee but, voila! He came back saying, "I made it happen!". 😃. I was feeling really good about the deal by this point. We settled on a great OTD price that was lower than what I had originally imagined (MSRP - $1699 - $1000 rebate). And then, some interesting things began to unfold.

The salesman wished to run my credit and asked me for my social. With a raised eyebrow, I asked, "Isn't that your F&I manager's job? That's sensitive information. I would rather give that out in a closed room than an open desk like this." (Thank you Kim!). To which he replied, "I'm just helping out the F&I manager. We salesmen gather all information here for our managers.". I quickly logged onto YAA Live Chat to check if this is something that's expected. Justise was on in a flash and responded saying it's odd but can happen. (Thank you Justise!). I told the salesman, I will enter the social myself and he agreed.   

After sending my information to his managers, the salesman came back with my credit score from one of the credit bureaus. When I asked him for the score from other bureaus, he said Hyundai Motor Finance (HMF) just uses this one. He then pulled out an updated OTD price sheet with my payment numbers included. He said, "Here's the updated price sheet. Can you sign here to make sure we have agreed on the price?". Pointing to the payment numbers he said, "These are your payments at Hyundai's SPECIAL interest rates!". I made sure, the OTD price was what we decided and mentioned, "The OTD price looks good". I didn't mention the payment numbers, although I did notice they were high. Instead, I asked, "What are Hyundai's SPECIAL interest rates?". Without looking at me, the salesman said, "These numbers are based on Hyundai's Standard rates of 5.9% or 6.9%". I realized they hadn't sent my application to HMF yet and so I signed the sheet.

By this point, I had a feeling that most of the negotiations (frontend and backend) were going to happen at this salesman's desk. Following this, the salesman kept hopping back and forth between his and his manager's desks getting me various papers to sign. All of those papers were just generic stuff, like I am getting the rebate from Hyundai, blah, blah. And then, there was a hour long wait for the F&I manager.

Finally the wait was over and the F&I manager arrived at the salesman desk. He turned out to be a real talker! He started with some small talk and then kept blabbering about things. I brought him back on track and asked him, "So, what do you have for me?". He said, "So you agree to finance at Hyundai's Standard rate?". I said, "I'd like to know the rate you are offering me.". He was like, it will be around the 5.05% range. With a little bit of a frown, I asked him, "So, you don't have the exact rate? That's strange.". He said, "It is 5.05% and you can refinance after 4 months. You have to stay with us for 4 months.". I was like, "Ok, can you show me the approval from HMF? I'd like to know what the buy rate is.". He did look a little surprised and said, "I don't have that yet. I don't get that.". I was like, "I just would like to know the rate I am qualified for, how much you are marking up that rate. I have a pre-approval from 1.49% from my credit union. I would like you to beat that.". By this point, he seemed quite flustered and said we can't do external financing and tried to steer the conversation towards the OTD price sheet with the payment numbers I had signed. I said, "Those numbers were just ballparks, there is no rate mentioned on them. You gave me those numbers even before you sent my application to HMF. You still don't have the exact rate I am qualified for. When I asked you, you said around 5.05%.". He then started ranting about the amount of discounts they are giving us and this is the best he can do, blah blah. We had a bit of an argument where he kept talking over me not allowing me to finish. He even called the salesperson and put together a skit with him saying I had agreed to the numbers, the payments and the 5.9% rate the sales person had verbally mentioned. I reiterated my point saying, there was nothing on that price sheet about my rate. He realized that and wrote that on that paper - "No more discounts. Interest rate 5.65%!"  and asked me to sign. I pulled up my phone and messaged Justise. Justise said, "Just take what you get from them and refinance immediately. That 4 month lock in is just a sales tactic.". (Thank you Justise!). I didn't like the way the F&I guy was talking to me, so I decided to stretch this a little bit. 😄. The difference in my monthly payment @ 5.65% vs 1.49% was going to be $80. So, I would end up paying $320 more for 4 months while I was with them. In reality, I would be paying around $600 more in interest just because of how the loan amortizes. I pretended as though I didn't know that and was going to have to stick with HMF for 4 months and asked him for an additional $320 discount thinking $600 might be a bit too much. He said, he will see what he can do and stepped out to meet the sales manager I assume. I didn't think he would budge, but he did come back with $50. I did try a push him a little bit more but didn't work. I eventually took the $50 and closed it! Happy that I made $50 for that little tiff I had with the F&I guy! 😄

In the end, I don't think I could have scored this deal without  Ray Shefska ,  Zach Shefska ,  Kimberly Kline ,  Justise Lasley  and the YAA community! So, thank you once again!
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