Dealer offered 7% off msrvp but I bumped it up to 9% off msrvp for the add ons.

I got a 2021 Audi A4 S line Premium Plus Trim , with Ventilated Seating, Upgraded 19 speaker Banga Olufsen sound system, upgraded 19 inch wheels, black optic package including blacked out logo with an MSRVP of $51,000. For 48k OTD price including fees and taxes. This is with a 9% discount off msrvp including a $2,500 manufacturer rebate. + i didnt ask them to take off the dealer added items because it was factored into the 9 % discount off msrvp .      I got this from a Texas Dealership, I was also talking to New Jersey dealership and the New Jersey dealerships wouldn't budge or offer any deals on their cars. But I did notice that the Dealership in Texas wouldn't offer deals on their SUVs, whereas in New Jersey, they only offered deal on their SUV and not their sedans. So that is quite interesting, seems like more people in the east like sedan and people in central south like SUVs.

And I do plan on keeping this car for its entire life span just like my previous car which was also an Audi, but it lasted me 12 years and with any car if you do the proper maintenance it won't have any reliability issues. I didn't have any issues with my first Audi so I decided to stay with Audi as their reliability just seems to get better and better with newer model years. Which is why I paid in full cash instead of financing, but I did find out something interesting from paying in pure cash. Turns out the dealership has to notify the IRS about the transaction if you bring more than $10,000 in cash, and I brought $48,000 in 480 100 dollar bills so I guess the IRS is on my tail now. But it was fun watching the finance manager count all the bills one by one without a machine cuz their machine was broken. Quite the experience.


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