Update: 2021 Subaru Forester Touring @ Invoice (my Beautiful Unicorn arrived)

Thank you again Ray, Zach, & YAA! Extra huge thanks to Space for truly going above and beyond with the support, tools, and knowledge shared.
I finally took delivery of my Beautiful Subie this weekend. My family and I took a 3 hour drive from Chicago and for great customer service it was worth it.
McLaughlin Subaru’s (in Moline Illinois) Customer Care was amazing. The team was awesome from beginning to end. Matthew, Sales Associate, was very attentive welcomed my family and myself and took the time to make sure I got to know our new car before leaving. He even text me later in the evening asking about our drive and offering any support needed. Saturday I was able to meet Sales Associate, Finance and General Sales Mangers. They each made sure we felt appreciated and comfortable (along with our 19 month old toddler).

Up to this point we had mainly communicated by phone/text/email. Michael, Finance Manager, made sure to make our visit as efficient as possible having all paperwork ready and welcomed any questions. During our In-Person meeting I was nervous to ask about the 50 point MF markup (.0014 from .00090) and requesting we meet in the middle. I really almost didn't but so glad I did. Michael gave me a surprised look and said he had to ask if I knew someone at Subaru because I was very knowledgeable and not a typical customer. I explained I learned from lots of research and the support from YAA community and YouTube channel. I truly appreciated him saying that and felt even more empowered, thanks to Space’s support. He explained they normally do not make changes to MF, but because of my knowledge and their companies value of the customer he would work with me (lowered to .00120).
I felt so awesome when he said that, making this long journey all worth it. None of it would have been possible without YAA. We got our beautiful fully loaded unicorn with MSRP of almost $38,000 at invoice of $34,779 ($453/mo, 36 mo, 12k/year with only 1st payment due at signing). Thank you!


2021 Subaru Forester Touring at INVOICE

Let me start by thanking the entire community for being an awesome resource and support. Ray and Zach a huge thanks for providing an amazing platform for all of us. 
Extra special thanks to Space and Justise for the ongoing support. The best coaches and cheer team ever! Justise introduced me to so many strategies & helped guide me through OTD request after request and follow-ups. Space helped me with the whole leasing process and extensive search, providing endless follow-up, strategies, knowledge,  support, and leads (above and beyond). This success is owed to that persistence and support thank you!! 

This car search experience has definitely been a roller or emotions and frustrations (side note living in Chicago makes it even more difficult). I have been on this mission since July. But today we focus on this success. The day started off with a beautiful Unicorn of a deal from McLaughlin Subaru in Moline IL (2.5 hours from Chicago). A 2021 Subaru Forester Limited with a $4000 dealer discount for $31,090. Yup a Unicorn of a deal!! Of course I was grateful for the deal email and I jumped into action completing online express purchase, uploading required documents and paying $500 deposit. I was excited to receive a confirmation email “your purchase is complete”. What?! Really?!  After following up with Space for extra guidance and coaching, I called the dealership to set up pick-up. I initially spoke to Matthew, sales associate, who was surprised I purchased a car online and when I provided my info paused for a bit then asked to call me back. I immediately new something was not right. Was this a bait and switch 🤦🏽‍♀️. Five minutes later I get a call from the Sales Manager Josh Young, now I knew something was really wrong. When he found me in the system he was confused and explained that this vehicle was sold in April and did not understand what happened (lost the Unicorn). He said it was a computer glitch and sounded confused himself, explains that a different system takes care of the listings and didn’t understand since on his direct website only listed 2 Foresters due to arrive in October. Of course I had heard this before and immediately became upset. He was very apologetic and stated it wasn’t a “bait and switch” because he had no inventory to switch and offer. He explained he made a complaint to IT and was angry as I was. As calmly as I could remain, remembering the coaching I received, I insisted that there be some sort of solution as it was also not my fault. I reminded him of the 2 units he had mentioned and he asked to call me back while he could see what he could do. I at this point had lost hope and really didn’t think he was he going to call me back and if he did he would just say sorry. Well Josh called me back and mentioned the two 2021 Subaru Foresters he had available, a Sport and a Touring and asked which I was interested in. I selected the Touring (beauty brown leather interior). He said ok let me run some numbers and then told me he would give it to me at INVOICE. I wanted to scream, but kept my cool. He provided a financing total and I explained I wanted to lease. He then calculated to provide me with my monthly payment, not adding any additional fees. MSRP $37,663, selling price/invoice $34,779 (discount of $2884), 1st payment DAS and 507/mo for 36mo @12k mi. Like Space reminded me this was a home run: invoice price, in this market in chicago, with no add on’s, for a high demand model.  So of course I accepted and anxiously awaiting for delivery Oct 6. Josh and Matthew’s support and professionalism didn’t stop there as he proceeded to assure me the vehicle would be marked sold and my name listed with it. He offered to help with whatever else I  needed and then had Sales Associates confirm some information with me. Matt was also very apologetic and wanted to make sure everything was great form this point forward. He shared pictures of lease agreement and computer screen showing vehicle as mine. They turned a bitter situation into the best. Throughout this whole process I had not experienced as much professionalism and attention to a customer as with them.  I understand there’s a shortage but I am so grateful to have found a person who was able to put that aside and make sure my family and myself had what we needed. 
Again thank you to Space and Justise for continuously reminding me to be patient and not give up. I was gifted a Unicorn. 
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