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Got 0% APR as a first time buyer. Thanks to Zach, Ray, Kimberly and YAA Community

 I am following YAA from last 3 months. As Ray and Zach suggested wait for the tough time to pass on the Vehicle Market. I just moved to the El Paso, Texas one week before. I needed a car to get around. I tried multiple vehicles and dealership. I really like Mazda CX5 and Honda CR-V. 

Being a first time buyer and a foreign national, I was facing difficulties at dealership.  I moved from Pennsylvania, So I started my practice round there for dealing with sales persons. I also try to apply all I learned from YAA. So when I came to El Paso, I know what I am looking for and how much I should Pay. After visiting 4 dealership, I went to Rudolph MAZDA in El Paso. We test drive CX5 Grand Touring and really liked it, because it had extra premium pkg. So we discussed the numbers, I started with the invoice price and settled with 34160$, MSRP 34980. The only thing I paid was (165$ registration and title) and 194 doc fee. They ask me 90$ for dealer lot tax. I refused and they agree. So final amount I paid with tax was 36744 (including tax) and then I added 7 year/100k manufacture warranty($1593). 

But the best part I think was to get the loan at 0% APR as a first time buyer.
They offered me first 3.9% 60 months, then 1.95% for 48 months. But I refused because I knew my credit score is good, I said I'll leave without talking car. So finally they gave me 0%APR for 36 months. I just have to put 3k extra down payment of my initial 3K so total 6k$ DOWN PAYMENT. I was happy doing that because that saves me money not only on loan but avoiding the GAP also. Thanks to Kimberly, I did not pay any loan processing fee.

I think I applied all I learned from YAA. I think Rudolph Mazda is a good dealer the price was fine. I really like the dealing of Lisa (sales person). I recommend this dealership, they did not tried to sell me anything which I don't need. 
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