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My New Legacy XT Limited (I forgot to post)

Success - 2022 Subaru Legacy Limited-XT

The numbers:

2022 Subaru Legacy XT
MSRP - $36423.00, Includes Factory-Install Options and Transport Charge
Factory Option Package 3 ($968.00)  to include:
  • Cargo Tray (One of my favorites)
  • Rear Bumper Applique
  • Exterior Auto-Dim Mirrors with Approach Lighting
  • Splash Guards
  • Rear Seat Back Protector
  • All Weather Floor Liners
Etchguard - $299.00
Total Dealer Discount - $2222.00
Dealer Price - $34,201.00
Tennessee Tax - $700.00 + some change
$225.00 Doc Fee
Tags/Title $55.00 and some change
Trade-In Allowance $25,500 (2020 WRX Base with 20,700 miles)
Pay-off Approximately $20,650 and some change
Total OTD - $30,537.00
I paid $1,100 down to cover taxes, doc fee, tags/title etc.

Quick Story:

I was negotiating with more than one dealership within 140 miles (this dealer was the furthest out).  I got an excellent offer from a Kingston, TN dealership for a 2022 Legacy Limited with the Moonroof package, plus some other options that brought the MSRP to $33,900.00 plus some change.  The Kingston dealer's offer after my test drive was to discount the vehicle by $1500.00, which was a good deal for the Subaru in my opinion in the present climate.  I had some other decent offers for ordering in the $700.00 - $820.00 range on ordering a 2022 Legacy Limited with a handful of useful options I like. 

I called and spoke with the SC dealership and advised them that I would be staying closer to home and they asked if there was anything they could do to earn my business.  I thought about it for a little while, knowing they had the 2022 Legacy XT-Limited on their lot, and sent them an email saying that if they would offer me a decent trade on my WRX, and sell me the Limited XT at or near invoice, I would jump in my car and come down there.  That's where this offer came from.

This dealer was very transparent and super friendly.  There were only two hiccups along the way: (1) On the Roadster app where all of the details could be done electronically, it kept quoting 3.49% financing.  I knew that Subaru was offering me 2.49% for the terms I wanted.  When I spoke with the salesman for assistance in forwarding documents and completing the credit applications, I asked about this.  He came forward and told me I really wasn't supposed to see the original stated 2.49% on the Roadster app, and the 3.49% was the "sell rate".  I advised I wouldn't come down from Tennessee to South Carolina for that and they corrected to 2.49%.  (2) While signing all of the papers my wife and I noticed that the lien-holding bank was listed as Bank of America.  Well I stopped completing the papers and inquired.  The F&I guy said that BoA was easier to work with on the dealer end and matched the 2.49% for Subaru Motor Credit.  I asked what the "sell rate" was and saw it was the same (2.49%), and although it would have been easier for the dealership I insisted on going through Subaru Motor Credit as I had accounts there already, and I have something against BoA.  The lien holder was changed to my wishes.

Final gravy on the deal?  Subaru of America had originally offer me a $50.00 VISA gift card to test drive a 2021 Legacy.  I wrote them and advised there were ZERO 2021 within a reasonable distance, and I was a bit disappointed with the offer.  They responded by offering me a $300.00 Service/Accessory voucher upon purchase of a 2022 Legacy.  Once I had the deal worked out on paper and was preparing to travel to purchase the 2022 Legacy XT, I wrote them back asking how to claim the voucher, and simply put it out there that this was the third straight Subaru I had purchased and asked if they might up that to $500.00.  They responded quickly and changed the offer to a $500.00 Goodwill Loyalty Purchase Assistance offer.  To claim that I just have to send them my signed sales paperwork and they would get that processed and send me a $500.00 check.

Thank you YAA for all of the extra education and support I received.  I have already had success with a variation of your model with the past 4 purchases and it was good to add your wisdom to make this deal happen.
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Future trade evaluation on vehicle order and delivery

Just a thought here as I am in the process of working with 6-7 Subaru dealerships within 125 miles of my home.

I have approached all about ordering prospects, for which I have not had one to turn me down.  I've gotten order offers ranging from $850.00 below MSRP to MSRP plus their "doc" fee.  Doc fees for the dealerships I have contacted range from $198.50 and $225 on the low end up to $699 for a couple on the high end.  Thus far, offers for my trade (2020 WRX Base with some options and 20,400 miles) from a low end of $23,000 to $26,000.  But I digress.

Here's my thought on trade-in values for vehicles that could arrive as early as December 2021:  Although in a "normal" year one would expect the value of the trade to be slightly to considerably lower than the trade-in value now (September), this year it could be that we might not see that much depreciation due to the new vehicle shortage predicted to get worse instead of better.  What are your thoughts?