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Massachusetts Trial Court Probation Dept. Assistant Chief Probation Officer
Professionally-Criminal Justice career Massachusetts Trial Courtย  Personallyย -proud mother of 3 beautiful children Sociallyย -bleed Black and Gold as a Boston Bruins Season Ticket Holder & following my Alma Mater Mens Ice Hockey team @ Boston College

BB value difference March vs. November

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Future YAA Service for solution to the crisis?

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Better Late than Never. Both Success Story and Dealer Review wrapped in one! 2021 RAV4 Prime XSE purchase at Aldermans Toyota Rutland VT

Well, it's no mystery it took nearly 9 mos start to finish deciding on vehicle, researching dealerships/salesperson, visiting, test drives, YAA video marathons etc before taking delivery of my 2021 Toyota RAV4 Prime XSE Premium Package (and add in a Pre-Owned F-250 Super Duty purchase into the mix of additional research, dealership encounters etc).ย  I want to share my dealership experience and give recognition for some of the good that still exists out there. I'm confident there are dealerships during these crazy times who are still operating on a consumer friendly model, it may just take a little more time and legwork, but they are out there.ย 
I purchased my new R4P XSE from - Aldermans Toyota in VT. Despite fact I wouldn't quite give them a full 5 star review, I do want to acknowledge them for rising above many of the other dealerships I interacted with. From day I placed my initial deposit, up until vehicle arrived at dealership I have nothing but positive things to say regarding Aldermans. My salesperson knew I was coming into this transaction skeptical and jaded from a poor experience I had just jumped ship with my local Toyota dealership. I had a lengthy list of questions to fire at salesperson to reassure myself I wasn't headed down same dead end road as previous dealer. I had thorough detailed answers (in writing) within same business day (and my point of contact happened to be on his scheduled day off). This not only broke down my wall a tad, it also helped decision to take my business to boarding state . I was impressed with salespersons consistent communication, providing updates on allocation status up through delivery on dealership lot. Hands down better than what I experienced at previous dealer and definitely more customer friendly interactions than I anticipated (enjoyed the tension breaking witty humor my salesperson had along the way).ย 
I was treated fairly and can say I didn't encounter any challenging, disrespectful, nor arrogant individuals at Aldermans.ย 

There was a little shift felt once vehicle arrived on lot, starting day before I came to purchase. Once it was determined I would be financing through my credit union, i could sense the "get her in and out quick" vibe. No rudeness, just an apparent feel of not being an additional $ profit customer.ย 
I had held off on having my credit union process my loan when I was notified car had arrived. Salesperson was persistent (yet respectful) on better financing through Toyota. My hesitation revolved around having another application run based on credit union approval week beforeย  and plans on being co-signer for another upcoming auto loan. With dealership offer of potential full point off approved credit union rate, I rolled the dice to allow another hard pull on my credit. I'll take responsibility on that mistake. I should've stuck to my plan and declined as I had done so throughout. Truth be told, if/when dealer came in lower than credit union, was going to use it as leverage with credit union to then beat dealer rate. Anyway, dealership dragged their feet getting back to me on rate day prior (Fri) to my VT trip for purchase (Sat). Possiblyย  hoping I'd assume they got better rate and ditch my credit union knowing it was day before I was to be in VT. Instead, pressed for time I spent entire day and following morning scrambling to ensure I had the check to bring with me to dealership. Was bit put off by dealership trying to work me into being stuck financing through them, but thanks to YAA I was already one step ahead.
Listen, I get it, it's great for sales to have opportunity with customer financing to make additional profit from marking up rate. But I choose to skip the headaches of asking to see "all" the lender approvals and having to pick apart to make sure what the actual buy rate, mark-up is etc. In the end, sticking w/ my credit union was best for me in my situation.
I purchased my R4P Prime at MSRP, and despite the near 9 month process, I will give Aldermans credit for underpromising and overdelivering. Placed deposit 4/9 and projected date to take delivery was estimated at mid Aug. Within a few weeks of placing deposit Aldermans received allocation for my vehicle, build date 5/10, depart Japan 5/18, arrival at US port 6/15 and estimated delivery now moved up to 1st-2nd week of July. We'll, my R4P officially landed on dealership lot 6/25 and on 6/28 it was mine.ย 

Aldermans made a decent front end profit as salesperson was kind enough to give me copy of invoice.. He knew and respected I was aware of floor plan, hold back, and any advertising costs dealer collects when deposits placed on allocations that immediately leave lot within few days of arrival. Although no profit made in F&I from my financing option, it didn't effect the decent profit on front end.ย 

Then comes the VSC that unbeknownst to F&I Manager I considered purchasing. Had my quote and contract from YAA which included flat rate $500 markup and was approx. $900 cheaper than Toyota. Unfortunate part for me is being MA resident and one of the 3 states unable to purchase YAA's VSC, left me with option to see what F&I had to offer.ย 
I requested copy of contract to review, and yes, 100% for purpose of comparing with YAA's AUL contract I had, and yes, I waited for the signature F&I response of giving a brochure to dodge providing copy of contract leaving the office. For the record, call me crazy, but why sign a non tangible product costing over $2K without reviewing the terms and conditions of the contract? Just sayin...ย 
Needless to say I was interested, but not without opportunity to obtain more information. I provided F&I mngr copy of YAA's contract/quote to view (not have๐Ÿ˜‰) and opened door to try negotiating a fair price on VSC. I had to return to dealership with my MA plates and left with intentions to purchase upon return if they could present a "fair" price. From there, no word from F&I, nor any attempt to talk with me when I returned. It seemed clear there was no desire or intention for additional profit. Despite fact I would've attempted negotiations for better price having knowledge of the common markup on VSC's, it was the end of the month and knew even a few hundred dollar profit would've been better than a goose egg. I did what any other informed buyer would do, gave my business to a Toyota dealership interested in extra few hundred dollars by selling me what I easily could have purchased at Aldermans.ย 

I do want to note I appreciated fact that F&I manager wasn't pushy nor did he blow smoke trying to sell additional or unecessary products that I wasn'tinterested in. He made the time in F&I painless and not just another dog and pony show.

With this information I hope there's understanding why I didn't give Aldermans a 5 star review. No one person or thing is perfect, everything would've needed to be flawless to achieve what my perception is of a 5 star review. Would I purchase from them again. Yes!

In all it was a smooth process.ย  I know of individuals who purchased same R4P XSE prem pkg at Aldermans before and after me, all at MSRP or little below.ย 
As a well informed customer, the moment I handed over payment, I became a ghost to Aldermans. If it's because I'm from out of state and will probably never be seen again, so be it, as it goes both ways from a customers perspective when purchasing out of state. If there is anything better I think the dealership can/could do, is simply be happy about making a profit (which dealerships deserve to do) whether it's on front or back end of the deal. ย 
I have no qualms with how I was treated on a personal level. I give credit, especially as a female, that I was treated no different than opposite gender. I know from experience that doesn't always hold true for every dealership.ย 

A simple improvement I'd suggest for Alderman is to take advantage of listening to savvy customers. Although there might not be additional profit made as a typical lay down, a satisfactory experience for a well informed buyer brings referrals of family and friends along with customer loyalty to return for future business. Just my 2 cents.
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Someone got their T-Shirt today ! Thank You Zach, Ray and the entire YAA community!!

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Membership worth it's money yet AGAIN

Here we go for Round 3๐ŸฅŠ! My daughter who is recent college grad (yep, I'm thinking recent grad incentives) has 2004 Toyota Camry that has been like any Toyota we've owned giving us over decades of economical reliable transportation. Just this week the muffler fell off and the general life span of our trustworthy Camry is reaching its end. With daughters 60mi daily commute to work, the time is nearing for her first vehicle purchase. This will be new territory encountering dealerships when it comes to young first time buyers. So get ready Zach Shefska Ray Shefska Kimberly Kline Justise Space Mike Dean and the rest of the YAA community - Melissa M #NewEnglandMASShole ย is going for Guiness Book of World Records purchasing not 1, not 2, but 3 vehicles in the worst time to be in the market for new/pre-owned vehicle... Get your Netflix subscriptions active and ready for viewing๐Ÿค— This should be interesting ๐Ÿ˜ฒ
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Welcome Back Zach! Hope you had a great B-Day!๐ŸŽ‚

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Tax Title/Registration with Out Of State Purchase (MA & RI)

Confused and need input from those more savvy on the topic???ย 

Cursed w/ difficult MA RMV & insurance regulations. Was able to purchase new vehicle in VT, complete insurance, registration/plates etc requirements in MA following day, and return to VT to drive off in my new ride.ย 

Now in process of Pre-Owned purchase in RI. Dealership has ability to complete MA tax/title/registration for me, however, according to dealer can take up to anywhere from 5 days to 3 wks to complete process. Willing to do what I did in VT by purchasing vehicle, returning to MA to complete insurance/RMV requirements, return to RI w/ plates and drive away. Will take me 2 days vs potential 3 wk wait.ย 

RI dealership is saying their laws don't allow this. I've googled w/o any direct answer to the validity of dealers statement. Confused on how I can pay for a vehicle (w/o tax title/registration fees inc. as I'll pay at RMV when registering in MA myself) and be told by dealer "they" have to do it. I look at it as doing them a favor considering their collecting doc fee and I'll be doing some of the running they won't have to be bothered with. Not saying there isn't some law in RI for dealers prohibiting them from doing what I'm asking, maybe there is, but I'm having hard time understanding meaning behind it if so. Or, is it another dealer lie that they're throwing at me from being salty I wasn't a lay down for them? Any insight greatly appreciated

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'19 F-250 XLT Crew Cab Feedback

Where's the Ford guru Skylar Green when I need him๐Ÿ˜”. I'm curious on getting his input on what he thinks about VIN# 1FT7W2B6XKED33676 with 34,805mi zip 02852 for $45,991 (Certified Pre-Owned). Deposit has been placed and selling price agreed upon. Blackbook values are promising. Truck is best reasonable deal w/in 100mi radius of my location during this insane market. Welcoming anyย  input from community members.ย 
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