Jose Tijerina

IT professional

Purchasing a Forester Wilderness

I'm trying to order a Forester Wilderness edition and no one is willing to budge on pricing. I had one dealer ship state that they pay $75 per car they receive from Subaru. 
The only way to get one is to order it right now and wait.  They keep stating the chip shortage but I don't think that effects me ordering a car because I'm the one waiting for the vehicle.  
It's not like I'm dealing with a limited supply of inventory.  I've already tried 2 dealerships about to try a third and one wants to view my trade ins before I even order the car and says they can't guarantee the value at the time the car comes in. Should I allow them to see my car before the trade in happens?  

I know this is long but I'm just trying to get the best deal I can.