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Successful Purchase of '21 Toyota Rav4 Prime XSE with PP, Weather Pkg, Prem. Audio, & other options

* Purchased 8/30/2021 from Longo Toyota, SoCal (El Monte) after 4 months on order list. Longo does not mark up over MSRP. Five (5!) other SoCal Toyota dealers closer to me that I contacted all indicated $3,500 - $10,000 ADM!  Longo is a 45 minute drive (w/out any fwy traffic) from my home and only required $500 refundable deposit to get on list with no credit pull.

PRICING DETAILS, 2021 Toyota Rav4 Prime XSE:
  • Magnetic Gray Metallic / Midnight Black Metallic 
  • Vehicle Base Model $41,575.00
  • Total Installed Packages & Accessories $6,788.00
  • Delivery Processing, Handling and Docs $1,215.00

  • XSE-Prime Weather Package
  • Premium-Audio, Dynamic Navigation
  • XSE-Premium Package
  • Blackout-Emblem Overlays
  • Roof-Rack Cross Bars
  • Carpet-Mat Package, Door-Edge Guards, Mudguards
* Dealership invoice: $47,005.86 (as per my sales person; F&I said they wouldn't give out the invoice info.)

MSRP Purchase price: $49,578.00 (before tax)
*IRS Credit: ($7,500)   
*All CA Rebates for which I qualified: ($5,000)
Total Credits & Rebates: ($12,500)

25.16% Savings off MSRP

Purchase price after tax credit and rebates: $37,078.00

$37K - not too shabby for a fully-optioned XSE Prime!
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2021 Toyota RAV4 Prime XSE Premium - Vspec Doc/Purchase Agreement/Invoice

 TIMELINE: Rav4 Prime XSE - Longo Toyota, El Monte, CA

- Initial email reach-out to sales staff with Prime XSE inquiry: (THANKS YAA FOR THE TEMPLATE HELP!!!)
• 2021 RAV4 PRIME XSE 
• XSE Prime Weather Package
• XSE Premium Package 
• Premium Audio, Dynamic Navigation with 3-year trial
• XSE Prime Weather Package
• Any of these Colors in rank order: 
o Blizzard Pearl / Midnight Black Metallic or 
o Silver Sky Metallic/Midnight Black Metallic
o Blueprint / Midnight Black Metallic
o Magnetic Gray Metallic / Midnight Black Metallic
• Other TMS options may probably be OK. 

- $500 deposit made with Longo to secure place on XSE waiting list. 
- Salesperson indicates a 3-6 month wait time.

- Cancellation by person on the waiting list; salesperson provided VSPEC detail listing of one "in production" and asks if we're OK with it
- Notice from salesperson that Rav4 Prime XSE in production
- Scheduled for arrival into LA Port around August 19th
- It is our #4 color choice (Magnetic Gray Metallic); we go ahead with this color and configuration.

- Salesperson advises that vehicle arrived in port and is being prepped at dealership

8/28/2021- Make appointment to go into dealership on Monday, August 30, 2021.

- Salesperson says she is out sick and will have us work with her backup person on Monday.

- Drive 40 miles from home residence to Longo Toyota Dealership in El Monte, CA
- 1st Rav4 Prime XSE with all of our desired options that we've seen.
- Do test drive on city streets and SoCal freeway.
- Complete car purchase - no pressure from sales or finance staff.
- Complete transparency in all of the details
- Salesperson did try to sell Toyota Platinum Service package; Finance tried to sell Tire and Windshield coverage package. (declined both)
- Completed deal and drove home.

- Driver's window squeaking when up/down; catches on trim piece.
- Call the salesperson; asks us to end video of the problem to get advice from service department
- Determine that problem is due to the adhesive left on window when safety sticker removed; cleaning off the adhesive glue resolves the problem.

- Unable to set driver's seat memory settings, even after closely following the use manual setup instructions.

- Research online and find a Rav4 Forum's post about having to perform a reset/Initialization of Seat ECUs 
- Process is supposed to be done During the dealer's PDS (pre-delivery service)
- Worked great.
- Advised Longo salesperson of the setup issue

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