Mikko Peltoniemi

2022 Volvo XC40 Care by Volvo

I own a 2014 Ford Focus, and like pretty much everybody else's, it's having transmission issues. I've been watching countless YAA videos on Youtube, getting ready because I knew eventually the time would come when I'm forced to change cars. After seeing all the videos about car prices, I was getting anxious. I had money saved towards a replacement, but I don't want to spend extra just because nothing.

Then it happened, the transmission failed on my Focus. It was my third Ford, and none of them have lasted past 130k miles, so I was done with Fords.

On one of the videos, someone asked about car subscription, specifically Care by Volvo and Ray said that it's a fair deal for the consumer.

It seemed like the perfect option. I wouldn't be locked into a long term lease, and I also wouldn't risk being upside down on the loan several years if the car prices come down. I was also afraid that I would have to settle for something that I'm not too keen on just because of high prices and low availability.

So I went to the Volvo dealership in White Plains, NY. They only had a handful of XC40s, maybe 8 or so. But this one was perfect, it has the Advanced Technology package, and it's R-Design. And the price was within my budget, $730/month. (Which is far less than I've spent on rental cars in the past month because my Focus is still in the shop.)

Now I just need to get the Focus repaired, and hopefully sell it off at the price peak. And wait until 2022, or 2023, and buy a new car after prices have come down.

Another perk that comes from Care by Volvo: I am now eligible for the loyalty discount if I choose to purchase a Volvo after this one.

Thank you!

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