A Piece of Cake (...and eat it too)

Thank you, Ray and Zach, for being a great resource โ€“ Closed a deal last night on a 1-Owner 2018 Dodge Durango with 36,000mi.ย  I had been doing research in May regarding a possible purchase and stumbled upon your YouTube Channel.

Despite the sellersโ€™ market, I was sitting on my 2013 F150 as it approached 110,000mi with its reliability starting to come into question, and I wanted to be in a position where I was not negotiating out of desperation, so I was passively looking for the right deal; then along came two vehicles that matched my criteria and I brought out the big guns (YAA).

I started out with the Email templates which I sent to the two dealerships (a combined version of the Best out the door price and asking if the vehicle is still available).ย  One dealership jumped all over it, and began asking questions to facilitate the Out the door price and set up an appointment for me to test drive the vehicle โ€“ Although I didnโ€™t yet have his best out the door price, I liked the vehicle and he knew that I was already financed and would ONLY be discussing the out the door price.ย  The other dealership [CRICKETS]. ย 

The test drive went well and the vehicle lived up to its online profile (No Catphising here).ย  The numbers were presented without any unnecessary add-ons (as per the YAA email template ๐Ÿ˜Š) but the salesmanโ€™s line was โ€œThe Price is the Price; We have already marked it down $500 and it is below book value and someone will be buying this carโ€.ย  I told him that this was an understandable position and that pricing in these times can be tricky, however, I am sure your sales manager would not let this deal fall through for just $100, or maybe $200 โ€“ I am just looking to see where your line in the sand is; seeing that the car has been on the lot for close to 60 days (Thanks YAA!! ๐Ÿ˜Š).ย  I quoted him Rayโ€™s suggested offer from the Market Price Report and he took that back to the manager.ย  After a few lonely minutes of being the only customer in the dealership, the Manager came back and asked me if there was a monthly payment goal I was trying to hit, and I replied that I already had a budget from my wife and if I can make the deal without having to call her, everyoneโ€™s a winner, especially the dealership!!ย  I also reiterated that I had a great rate already with a major bank and they were more than welcome to try and beat my rate, but I was sticking with the OTD price based on the MPR โ€“ Then he asked me if I had a trade in; I said that I did and we will discuss that after we agree on the OTD.ย  He looked at me the way I look at my suborn toddler, and like all parents do at one point or another, he gave in and agreed to my OTD price.ย  (This vehicle was rated a 15/100 on the negotiability score)

Selling them my F150 was then much simpler with the OTD already figured.ย  Just one price to discuss without getting confused with the other deal.ย  Because I had the Black Book range from YAA and a few other online sources, I knew the range to expect.ย  They came in about $750 lower than my own estimate based on the references โ€“ but because it was a Pickup Truck that still showed nice, we agreed to meet 50/50 on the difference; plus here in IL, I still get a full Sales Tax exemption for the pickup (all other autos are capped in Illinois for the sales tax exemption).

From arrival to driving away in my New-to-Me vehicle was just a smidge over two hours.ย  We thanked each other for being straightforward and they thanked me for having all paperwork ready (Pay Off, Insurance, Registration, etcโ€ฆ).ย  I got home with enough time to watch the rest of Monday Night Football

P.S: They were able to beat my rate and earn me a few brownie points from my wife.

Thanks again Ray and Zach.

ย -Bob from Illinois
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