Sam Sam

Law Enforcement
Hello Everyone, Glad to be hear. I am Police Officer in the New York City and prior I used to Hertz Car Location Manager, Also work for AutoVIN( ADESA ) Lease Return inspector. Currently I am helping friends and family with there car buying purchase

Tire and wheel, dings/dents, key replacement

If anyone is looking for tire, dents and key replacement. Get from AAA .

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2021 Jaguar Fpace custom order

In April 2021 no dealership wanted to give discount on custom order. After doing research and watching Ray n Zach video, one dealership gave me 10% off.
Finally Arrived June 2021.
Thank you Guys
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2021 Acura Tlx Aspec Fwd

Hello Ray and Zach,
Thank you for everything you guys do, and also KIM. I got so much knowledge from you guys that I help my coworker to find right deals or give suggestion. I just leased 2021 Acura TLX Aspec fwd $45775 for 36months /12 miles 10.5 %off msrp with $3000 rebates, tax 8.63%, doc 100, and bank 595. All fees upfront with dmv out of pocket$2700 and $ 348 per month. And I sold 2020 Acura tlx aspec with 18600 miles to vroom for 31342 pay off was 24100 and made profit of $7100( paid $2600 in march of 2020 and 15 payment of 281). 
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