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Tip from a current dealer about emailing (and other things)

I've seen a few people on this board having issues with email.

The best way to do this is call the store, ask for the salesperson you want and then get their email.

People email from the dealer website and don't realize it loads into a CRM, which can go to a "BDC" rep who's job is to "get you in the door" (even if you think it is going to a salesperson)

Car salesmen/women usually have 2 emails, one that feeds into their "CRM" and creates a lead, and one that is setup in a separate email account. Β  The ones that feed in the CRM get auto generated sales emails and an assigned BDC rep who's job is to call you until you come in

I see the email template mentions collecting floorplan assistance etc.Β  The fact is, most salespeople don't even know what that is and are kept in the dark about most parts of the deal.Β  They just need to know "your number" (in this market there isn't much negotiating, but I'm talking about a standard market).Β  If the email is going to a GSM or GM, it might work.Β  But not your average sales guy who knows only what the desk tells them

When salesperson reads this email or any email asking for "invoice" they think "this is a $150 "mini" deal, but it might help me hit my unit bonus so if its quick and easy I'll take the hit. (a mini is the minimum commission paid on a "no front end profit" deal.Β  If they know they have a deal but the customer won't move on price, they tell the manager "we have a deal at this #"Β  the manager will counter or say no, or say "get them in the door"

Typically salespeople hate the BS Addendum tag and Admin fees - they usually don't get paid on them, it goes to the owner and the GM's pocket.

When they work a deal, they go to a sales manager to get a quote. The ones that say "come in" have sales managers that wont work any numbers without the customer in the building.

The best email would be something along the lines of, I'm ready to make a purchase now, these are my terms - I don't have much time would to finalize all numbers before delivery. Β  That way they can tell the manager what is needed to make the deal. Β Bringing up the floor plan might make sense if you are dealing with a GSM or GM howeverΒ 
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