Double Mustang Mach-E Deal!

We have been searching for new Electric cars to replace our two 2019 Hyundai Kona Electric's that are getting bought back by Hyundai.

Due to the current state of the market all of the tricks I have used in the last 15 or so years of buying cars wasn't working. I have been using tactics similar to YAA for about that long. Normally that would save you $3000-$5000 off MSRP. In this market none of that was working, so I switched gears.

We initially had 2 cars in mind, The Mustang Mach-E Select RWD and the VW ID.4.

7/21 & 8/21 - I started to contact dealers for both Ford and VW and wanted to judge the state of what they would be willing to do for a deal. it was hard, no one moved off MSRP even with us buying two cars at the same time. Normally that would be enough to get the ball rolling as we saved over $4000 off MSRP on our 2019 Hyundai Kona Electric's with similar YAA tactics. I knew I was a bit away from buying but I figured getting ideas about pricing couldn't hurt.

8/21 - Stock is getting low on the models we wanted. VW dealers basically blew us off most of the time and the Ford people really had very low stock in anything we wanted. It's starting to get dicey on whether we can find not one but two cars by September/November. Ugh!

9/1/21 - Hyundai calls to say the my Kona will be picked up on 9/7/21. Ok what will we do? My wife's 2019 Kona EV is still around but Hyundai was giving her a hard time on her buyback. Hyundai CS has a lot to be desired.

9/2/21- 9/4/21 - I know my car is going by 9/7. So I am looking at picking up a used car for the 4-6 weeks I assume I will need a car while we wait for Hyundai on my wife's buyback. I find a 2011 Cadillac DTS for $3000. This may work for now...

9/5/21 - Hyundai CS finally offered her a settlement of money for her to keep the car. Once she accepted we contacted a few online car buying services (Carvana, Vroom) and Vroom came through with a price to basically pay her car off and make some money. Its not as good as a lemon law buyback but it will work. So now we need two cars fast!

I send off 12 or 13 emails to Ford dealers using the YAA template, keeping VW in my back pocket in case I can't get the Ford. I get a few responses but only 1 dealer has what we want. I can buy from multiple dealers to get 2 cars but that is a pain.

One dealer come back faster, Schultz Ford in Nanuet NY. Now I know I am not going under MSRP, but I find a way to get an X-Plan rebate and NY gives us $500 for the Mustang as an EV rebate. So I am looking at about $1150 or so under MSRP. 

9/7/21 - The salesman calls me up and we start working out numbers. I tell him I want to do Ford Options as my financing, knowing full well I will get another $2600 off of MSRP. Ford options is a hybrid Buy/Lease program which lets me get the $7500 federal tax credit even though it is structured like a lease. After some numbers games we finally get this deal on 2 Cars:

Ford Mustang Mach-E Select RWD w/Comfort & Technology Package (Carbonized Grey):

MSRP: $46,835.00
X-Plan: $661.70
Ford Options Discount: $2600
Total Discount: $3261.70
Total for Car: $43,573.30
Plus Tax: $3,540.33

Total: $47,113.63 (I am paying about $285 in fees upfront: DMV, Tire, Doc Fee)

Ford Mustang Mach-E Select RWD w/Comfort & Technology Package (Red):

MSRP: $47,235.00
X-Plan: $669.70
Ford Options Discount: $2600
Total Discount: $3269.70
Total for Car: $43,965.30
Plus Tax: $3,572.18

Total: $47,537.48 (I am paying about $285 in fees upfront: DMV, Tire, Doc Fee)

Considering the state of the business today, the mere fact I got almost $4000 off MSRP with rebates at least makes me feel a bit better. Buying at MSRP really ticked me off, but it's a 3 year deal so I will see how the landscape fairs when that is over and the Electric car space will be changing in 3 years and technology will pass this car by. So a 3 year term is good for now...

Thanks YAA and the community for all the ideas I have watched and it made my experience a bit easier.

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