Jim Copeland

Thank you yaa for the help on the best car buying experience I have ever had.

Just wanted to share one of the best car buying and dealer experiences I have ever had. I wasn’t really looking to sell my 2018 Chevy Colorado truck but the increase in value got me thinking.

As I used the tools through yaa a Volvo came up. I contacted Volvo cars of Winston Salem. They were extremely straightforward and helpful and gave me all the information I requested. They gave me 1k over what I wanted in trade and the best out the door price.
I used the email templates actually through text message and picked a car that looked like it was negotiable and in my range.
It worked like a charm.
It’s about an hour from my house and I drove up for a test drive. They had a person waiting and I was in the dealer a total of 2.5 hours which was awesome considering I did a test drive and looked at. A few other cars. I had my own financing and they were totally cool with that. They did offer some packages but I politely declined and it was sounds good. No worries. They even stayed late for me since I had driven.
I was able to use the equity I had to get something that fit better for my family.Β 
Just hands down the best car buying experience I have ever had. Thank you yaa!!!ο»Ώ
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Thinking of selling 2018 Chevy Colorado

ThinkingΒ  of selling my 2018 Chevy Colorado and getting a smaller crossover. Β 

It’s in good shape and dealers are reaching out. It seems I could make money on the sale vs my loan and maybe get a nicer car. Any advice. I’m debating on a rav4 Mazda type class vs Acura RDX or Lexus nx type car that is a couple fo years old.Β 

Is this a good idea?