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I am a student of sales processes. My first retirement was in 2006, wife wouldnโ€™t let me stat home. I am working on the second retirement.

Sold 2020 Toyota Corolla to Dealer

I have been watching videos on selling cars back to the dealer without buying a new car. During research I ran the โ€œKelly Blue Bookโ€ instant cash price that is advertised as what you will get from participating dealers. My dealer was not a participant, but I got an offer from a dealer about 3-hours east of me on I-70 for $20,700.

I went to the dealer that sold me my 2020 Toyota Corolla SE with 11,000 miles bought in December 2019. Car is in great shape. My dealer asked what I was looking to get for the car. I gave him the answer of โ€œ as much as possibleโ€. He went away and came back with a $19,000 offer. Told that was too low, said he would call the Used Car Sales Manager who is on vacation in Colorado. Never got an answer and he cavedโ€ฆsaid OK to $21,000. In addition the extended warranty and maintenance we bought would also be cancelled and refunded. That adds another $2,145.

Total is more than the out the door price when we first bought the car. This means I drove the car for about 18 months and 11,000 miles for free. I do have a third card to drive, so no problem. I will wait for bubble to burst โ€œnot holding my breathโ€ to get a replacement with AWD.

Used Car Guy said all salesmen had sold back their cars for profit an now driving what he called beatersโ€ฆcars priced around $5,000 and will buy after bubble burst.
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