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Vehicle Detailing

Now that you've successfully purchased your new ride after using all the amazing YAA tools, keep it clean!Β 

Here are a few of my favorite YouTube resources when it comes to detailing:
  • Pan the Organizer - A down-to-Earth Canadian with a real knack for reviewing and showcasing detailing products. He also just purchased my dream car.Β 
  • Obsessed Garage - Owner Matt Moreman has taken is obsessions to a whole new level here. Higher-end products and tools with lots of snark. Brilliant, though.Β 
  • Car Craft Auto Detailing - This Aussie is next-level with his production. Lots of great info and relaxing to watch!Β 
  • Forensic Detailing Channel - A British bloke with TONS of tutorials. Great channel.Β 
  • Car Cleaning Guru - The accent. THE ACCENT.Β 
  • Chromatic - High quality detailing with great ambianceΒ 
  • Chicago Auto Pros - Lots of quality content comes out of this shop.Β 

Keep this list growing!Β 
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Favorite YouTube Automotive Reviewers?

I tend to gravitate towards a handful of YouTubers when researching cars, here's my short list:

  • TheTopher One of the best POV reviewers out there. Clear and concise.
  • savagegeese On the technical side, but always cinematicΒ 
  • Throttle House A Brit + a Canadian + Top Gear = ThisΒ 
  • Doug DeMuro He's basically Quentin Tarantino without the potty mouth, and really into cars... pretty cool auction site he runs tooΒ 
Who do you like?
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