SharonJumpedIn(Formally Hesitant)

Still reeling from the whole experience
Super thankful to YAA& Community

This was harder than buying my house

For 18 months my credit union kept dangling low rates in front of me. I finally bit at 1.74% and seriously started looking. I don't remember which search I entered that landed me on your site, but feel like I found the Cliff notes of car buying, in real time.
Mazda cx 30 was what I decided on. The CX5 then CX3 caught my eye 2 years ago. They were too big and too small respectively.Β 
I ended up with a red 2020 CX30 with 1,600 miles.Β 
Auto Trader had alerted me to a $5000 price drop so I engaged with the dealer an hour away. There is no Mazda dealership in my area anymore.
Long story short, from the test drive to the actual signing was 9 days. The $5000 cut was if I financed through the dealer. They couldn't match the credit unions rate (it was actually only .5% more)Β  but offered concessions onΒ  menu items. I was able to negotiate on the warranty. 10 yr 125K $ 0 deductible for $1999. I'm hard on interiors and exteriors and ended up with paint, interior and glass repel for $399.Β 
Ray said (I'm paraphrasing here)Β  that neither side should walk away from a deal feeling like they screwed someone or that they themselves were screwed.Β  That is how I approached this. They made money. I saved money. Β 
Β  Β  Β  Β  Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I never could have done this without your knowledge. I never read your manifesto until the day before my purchase (there were so many things to learn). In Zac's statement, that a car is most likely the 2nd biggest purchase you will make in your life yet the process remains so convoluted rang so true. When buying a house, you have realtors who know a lot, sitting across from the sellers. That's why buying a car was harder than buying my house. I had to do a crash course provided by YAA and then go against the professors.Β 
BTW I was able to buy my house 2 yrs ago for less than the previous owners paid 17 years ago. There is nothing personal. Its just business.
Again. Thank you.
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