Sharing Lease quote for VW Tiguan S

Hi folks, not sure if anyone is interested in this info, but I wanted to share the cost info that I got today when trying to negotiate a lease on a base-model 2021 Tiguan S.

Invoice cost is $24,235
MSRP is $25,245 

Added Destination Charge - $1,195
Addl floormats, first aid kit, etc - $525

They now also add $3995 on all cars for "extra accessories" which is essentially a markup for the car shortage.

This brings current price to $30,960, which doesn't include tax, doc fee, acquisition fee, etc.

After arm-wrestling with the sales manager, he agreed to knock of $1700 from the total cost, which basically cancels out the tax, doc fee, etc.  I went in thinking I could get an OTD price for $27k or $28k tops. I feel like such a fool!

Is this in-line with what others are seeing out there? Wondering if I should offer him $30k even and take it. Pretty painful considering the fact that it's basically a $25k car...😑

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Lease write-off for business vehicle after trade-in

Hi community,

I am looking to lease a new vehicle for my business and plan to deduct my lease payment.

Additionally, if I trade in my current vehicle to the dealer, I will save money on tax for the new vehicle.  However, if I trade in my vehicle, I'm assuming they will want to put that trade-in value towards the new car's total cost, thus lowering my deductible lease-payment.

Does anyone have experience with this, or advice how to best negotiate this situation?

Thank you in advance!

Is Lease Acquisition Fee Negotiable?

Looking to lease a VW Tiguan and the dealer says that VW implements a mandatory $699 acquisition fee on all new leases.

I saw Zach mention that "If it's taxable, it's negotiable."  On the price rundown, it's considered to be a "Taxable fee."  

Is it likely that I can negotiate this fee away, or at least down? 

Love the YAA youtube channel and community.  Thanks guys!