Shawn McCardle

Just Me and My Dogs
Hello there! I am in the logistics and transportation field and I have been obsessed with Automotive’s and automotive news since I was in high school. With the current fiasco going on in the automotive industry right now I joined this community!

Having Trouble Getting Allocation

Hello all, I am currently trying to get an allocation for a vehicle produced by Ford at my dealership for sticker. Β My salesperson said that the Ford rep said it shouldn’t be an issue but Ford still hasn’t confirmed the order. I reached out again to my dealer today and they said they still haven’t heard back from Ford yet. I really want to push this to go through so I can get this vehicle built before the winter cut off. Β Do I look around at other dealers to see if they have better luck getting an answer from Ford? Β My guess is they are so backed up they can’t give a straight answer.