Ken Dreger

Just an Old Nam Vet
Ex-Mainframe Systems Programmer, Ex-Private Investigator, Ex- CEO HSPIG.ORG, RETIRED

Sold the Ford F250

Well, after hours and hours of research and listening to the both of you we were able to sell our 2008 Ford F250 Super Duty XLT with 138k miles on it in really good condition for .......$4k above what we paid for it in July of 2019! Yes MORE than we bought it for.  We put about $750 in items that needed repairing, Cat converter, step rails, water pump.  But we found 2 buyers who actually DID want a stick shift F250!  We just wanted to say thanks to both of you in helping educate us in how to make this happen......keep up the great effort and I am sure more and more folks will be very happy.....Respectfully one old guy from TEXAS 

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