Ken Dreger

Just an Old Nam Vet
Ex-Mainframe Systems Programmer, Ex-Private Investigator, Ex- CEO HSPIG.ORG, RETIRED
I would like to thank the team at YAA for all the great advice and examples and on educating me to figure out how to get the car we wanted.  We decided to purchase the best 2013 Jaguar XJ within 500+ miles of us. It has 37k miles on it with 99% of the maint records. It was a private sale and I checked BlackBook for actual numbers and found it was right where I expected it to be. Now, 5 months later, 14 test drives and literally hundreds of cars checked on I am done! Hope you all succeed in your efforts because I know first hand the service you provide in educating all of us is really beyond anything I have ever found. Good luck in making YAA the very best.  Ken & Family....
The dealer that has a Jaguar we would like to buy is now sending me this email: 
" | Just wanted to show you the Jag is listed as a Great deal and will sell if you are really trying to make us a reasonable offer then we are willing to listen. We have plenty of leads on this Jag and will sale to the best offer, but if your not willing to come up then this wont be a long convo we have back and fourth"  he then shows me a list of "Potential/perspective" people interested in the car! My offer was $2200 below what they we wait...
Mike- I was watching a used Jaguar and in 5 days the car went up $6,000 above the orig price! And that was in Dallas.
This is a great APP and website for folks looking to get into a car, I have used the service prob over a hundred times looking for a used Jaguar XJL