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BMW Stops Production of 10k Cars Because of Chip Shortage.

The following was published in the NY Post on 20-July-21ο»Ώ

How to Work with a Good Salesperson

I understand that YAA is collecting reviews on vehicle dealerships, but is there a good way to identify which salespeople are good to work with at the dealership?

I can image even in the same dealership there may be salespeople that know how to treat customers well (& are competent), and other salesman that are not so much so.Β  I've also heard that some salespeople "claim they own" a customer (i.e. if a customer's initial contact information is given to an initial salesperson, that salesperson may believe they "own" that customer). Β 

How can a customer know which of the salespeople are "good" (i.e. preferable to work with), and avoid any undesirable salespeople on their initial visit?Β  (I worry that salespeople who may be labeled as "salesperson of the month", that the accolade may equate to pulling in the highest revenue for the dealership and not a good salesperson for the customer.)

Can customers request a change in salespeople (if the customer is getting "bad vibes" once the process is started) or would this "blacklist" the customer at that dealership?

Would it be possible for YAA to collect recommendations not only on the dealership, but also the salesperson for members?

Just a thought,
Roy D from Denver

GAP Insurance

I believe in one of the YAA videos there was a recommendation to "check to make sure the GAP Insurance you purchase is for an amount of 150%".

I didn't follow why the GAP Insurance amount should be 150%.

I is due to the spread between the (retail) price the consumer paid, and the (wholesale) price the insurance company will pay for replacement for the loss of the vehicle, or something else?

Roy D from Denver
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Chip Makers Ramping Up Production

TSMC said it expects the chip shortage that has hampered car makers to start easing in the next few monthsο»Ώ
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Costco Auto Program - Parts & Service

I've heard Ray and Zach discuss the purchase of a vehicle thru the Costco Auto Program, but nothing about discounts on Parts & Service offered by Costco.

Members can not only purchase a vehicle thru Costco, but also receive a 15% discount on Parts & Services for vehicles at participating service centers.Β  The service centers may be an independent garage, or a service center at an auto dealer.Β  Members enter their membership number, and zip code on the website, and participating service centers are displayed.Β  Select a service center, print out a coupon, and present it to the service center at time of service.Β  The coupon has limitations (i.e. oil changes not included), and an expiration date.Β  The generation of a coupon is not an obligation to have the service performed.

In my area, I was fortunate enough to have a participating Toyota dealership listed (for service on my Toyota).

In one of the YAA videos, Yoni discussed the different classification of replacement parts (i.e. OEM, OE, ??? and Aftermarket), and the warrantees/potential problems that may accompany the different classifications.Β  A YAA video also mentioned that dealers typically compare their rates with local independent service centers.Β  A 15% off coupon may bring the costs of parts & service closer in-line with independent service centers, and allow customers to have their vehicle repaired by factory trained technicians, with OEM parts at a more reasonable cost.

Another route to save $$ maybe to check your dealer's website prior to service.Β  Some dealers post coupons under the "service" area that could reduce your bill.

Best wishes,
Roy D from Denver
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Auto Inventory Levels

My current auto is nearing the end of it's useful life, so I'm starting to pay more and more attention to the auto market.Β  I find information on the YAA community very useful, especially the monthly US inventory levels that Ray and Zach show on the YAA Live Streams.Β  I believe the inventory levels come from the Automotive News publication (which requires a subscription).Β  In searching the internet, I found another (free) source of this information at the foureyes website (Β  This website also appears to include trends for new vehicles including BMW, Mini, Nissan, and Stellantis (which is absent in Automotive News data).Β  It appears the data is from US dealers, and collected daily.Β  Database appears to be sortable by make and body style to give information specific to vehicle of interest. Β Also gives a map of monthly sales and inventory levels by state.

Thanks again to Ray, Zach, Kimberly & Yoni for their efforts.

Roy D from Denver
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