Google/ Dealer Rating. To shift some market power

Hello Everyone,

Hope all is well. I Β like most you looking to buy a car in the market it has been a very stressful time, as dealerships have become Fat Tony aka Mafia. As the Market is all over the place with crazy prices. I wanted to see if we Β use our customer power on Reviews, from Google, YAA, Dealer Rater & many more. TO LEAVE NEGATIVE REVIEWS ON THE DEALERSHIPS TO CHANGE THERE RATINGS AND BRING THERE GOOGLE RATINGS DOWN. DOING THIS WILL HELP US IN THE LONG RUN, TO GET THERE ACT TOGETHER. Β SINCE THEY LIKE TO MARK UP THE PRICE, WE THE CUSTOMERS CAN MARK UP OUR REVIEWS/ MAKE THEM PAY AND USE THE POWER WE HAVE!
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