Bri McGeach

Deal Done on 2018 G80 Sport - Thank you!

I know now isn't the best time to buy a used car, but it was time on my old one. Dealing with dealerships has always been painful to me - no straight answers, the endless games, and the marathon event that always happens when buying a car. I was doing my research on a 2018 Genesis G80 Sport when I stumbled on your YAA YouTube posts. Listening to Ray calmly and clearly break down the phases of the business was eye-opening, and I immediately started taking notes. 
Thanks to your market report, warranty insight and a few hours of Ray and Zach, I was armed with all the price moves on the car, the warranty cost, and my trade-in value. I felt prepared enough to go into the dealership knowledgeable in all the phases of the transaction. BUT there is one thing Ray never mentions and Zach never asks...please be sure that everyone you bring with you knows "the game" and your battle plans for winning the game! Man, my wife almost derailed my plans, until she completely saved the day.
Once we completed the test drive (deflecting the financing questions, the budget questions and the trade-in questions), we got down to the out-the-door price. Price was set at $38,990 and of course included the dealer's "special bundle of stuff package" for $2500. Channeling my inner Ray, I calmly explained that this car has been on their lot 6 months, and at one point had been priced lower than what was on the paper. I offered $36,990, and pointed out that this is where the market is on this vehicle. Also, we're not taking any of the "bundle of stuff." 
The salesman took this to the manager, and I guess he was impressed...he immediately came out to try to take control of the deal. He counter-offered $37,500 and $999 on the bundle. That's when my normally very quiet wife exploded all over the poor guy! A 30-second "THIS is why people hate dealerships - you're taking advantage of us - we're not waiting to be treated like this" speech followed, and the kids and I could only watch this and thank God we weren't the sales manager! Bottom line...45 seconds later we had $37,500 and a free bundle of stuff. He came in close on the trade and we got that bumped up to $200 of my top-end value. Finance took the bank rate I brought in, and tried to sell me a VSC for $3000. Thanks to you, I told him the market price for 5yr/100k was $1,500 including profit and he was free to try to match that and make something on the deal. We ended up at effectively 7yr/100k for $1700. 
Using the YAA way, we saved $1500 on the cost, $2500 on the now-free bundle of stuff, 1.8% financing, and $1300 on the VSC. And I left a dealership smiling for the first time since my first car! 
Please keep up the great work!
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