Thank you Ray and the team!!

So unfortunately, I was very unlucky and had to search for a new vehicle since I got into bad car wreck last month which caused my car to be totaled. With the crazy car market going on and hearing dealers up charging MSRP or having consumers pay sticker price I wasn't fully hopeful. With a little bit of patience and watching several YAA videos daily, I finally felt the courage enough to go to dealership and give it my best shot. Well with constant negation back and forth with the dealer all day, I can now say that I am proud owner of a 2021 Hyundai Sonata!Β  original MSRP $25,324 and the out the door price I was able to get the dealer to agree on after taxes and feesΒ  was $24,750 πŸ˜€
Β Again THANK YOU SO Much for you guys are doing to help be more knowledgeable about the car market.
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