2021 Grand Cherokee L

 Finally picked up our 2021 Jeep Grand Cherokee L after ordering it 5 months ago.  That gave me 5 months to watch all your videos and practice for the F&I office.

I almost feel like I was all tooled up and pumped up for the fight and the other guy didn't even show up.  [Shout out to Chapman Jeep in Scottsdale for the best car purchasing experience ever]

In the F&I office, the fellow put down a piece of paper and drew out a timeline of 7 years to talk about the warranty. Talked about what was covered in the first year, the next two years, and the remaining years.

I let him talk until he paused and he ask if we understood all that.  He had not even talked about service contracts yet. That's when I said we do.  I jumped in to pivot the conversation.  Told him I was interested in the service contract.  As a matter of fact I showed him a quote for what I can get the service contract for, and asked him if he can at least match it.  He said he could not.

Then, without skipping a beat, I told him I was interested in tire coverage and showed him a quote and asked if he could match that.  He could, so I bought it.

I then moved on and said I am interested in GAP coverage. He gave me a quote that was a non negotiable quote.  Truthfully, I shopped around before hand for GAP coverage.  I feel that his non-negotiable emphasis might have been a little misleading ... but his quote was way better than all the other GAPs I could find .... so I bought that too.

I then showed him my quotes for ceramic window tinting and asked if he could do better.  He said he couldn't.

That was it ... after that we signed the rest of the paper work and we were done.  No hard sells.  No pushing anything we didn't ask for.   No menus, no drawing boxes, no up-sells.

So, I was tracking inventory in our area, and of all the GCL's out there, there no vehicles with our trim level on any of the lots.  I did mention it, and realized I should not have, but he already knew.  He said the dealership has been bombarded with calls from other dealers hoping to snag this car if we backed out.

This pretty much plays into the fact that we were not successful in negotiating price because (a) it is a popular car and trim level (b) there is no inventory anywhere (c) none of the other dealers I spoke with would negotiate from MSRP either (d) Even your market analysis tool indicated the price would not be negotiable 
As in "The Art Of The Deal" we were already mentally ready to walk away from a bad deal as our deposit was negotiated to be refundable in the beginning.  Luckily, we did not have to.

From walking into the dealership door, to driving away on the vehicle it took two hours.  But that included a test drive, walk through of all the features and smart apps, some witty banter, as well as the F&I office.

There was one real mistake that I made that cost me a few hundred dollars.  There was this "VTR" item on the out-the-door price sheet.  It is laser etching the VIN on the windows.  I did not want that, and it was labelled as optional.  I thought I would have more time to remove that when the vehicle showed up at the dealer.  But, the car came off the train in the morning and showed up at the dealer in the afternoon.  The dealer readied the car in 3 hours for us to pick it up ... including the VTR.  So, I mistakenly was planning on removing that in the F&I office, but it was done the minute the vehicle arrived at the dealer.  And, it was fully disclosed on the OTD price ... but I dragged my feet.

Soooo .... for future reference, if one sees something on the OTD price that is not wanted.  Get rid of it right away .... don't wait because by the time you get the call to come pick up the car and talk with F&I ... it is too late.

Thank you for all the videos and learning! 
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