3% Under Invoice on Ford

  I drive an "02 Astro on its last legs, so I started searching youtube for car information and buying tips. I heard about the chip issue on TV news but had no idea how bad it is.
I stumbled upon this old guy and young kid, (sorry Ray, actually we're the same age). I was intrigued, and was watching them so much that I saw no need to renew my cable subscription.
 I agreed with Ray that now is not the best time to buy a car. I was going to wait out the chip shortage but I feel prices will go up and this chip issue is not going away anytime soon.
I started shopping, thinking if I find a good deal I'll buy now. I visited a local dealer and got an order sheet on the specific F-150 I was after. He stated we are not selling above MSRP which meant - your getting a great deal at MSRP. I had no intention to pay MSRP.
I blacked out the price and showed the sheet to 9 competitors in the Philly area.  Below is what I was able to negotiate as I understood the deal.
Paoli       $58,060                   MSRP
Hamilton NJ                          MSRP
West Chester                         MSRP
Springfield $57,556             $506 under MSRP
NE Phila. $57,960                $100 under MSRP
Marple                                   MSRP
Garnet $57,060                 $1,000 under MSRP
Phoenixville $55,060         $3,000 under MSRP        OTD $60,071
Rising Sun MD $55,360  $2,700 under MSRP      OTD $59,523                                 includes 20/200,000 PwrTrain (Endurance) 
Horsham    3% under invoice                                OTD $56,220

 I was discouraged after visiting the first 3 dealers and almost gave up. But there's a lot of dealers within an hour drive so I kept shopping and watching YAA on youtube and as I learned the ropes I gained confidence that I could negotiate and recognize a good deal when I saw one.
  I thought I had my deal Saturday. I was happy to be done shopping and my wife happy to be done hearing about my shopping. I was also done watching Ray and Zach, but for some strange reason I could not resist.
  That's when I heard about Catchabaseball's deal at Chapman Ford Horsham. I checked their website and they claim 3% under invoice so I had to give them a visit. 
  My experience there yesterday was pleasant. No negotiations - this is the price, it's 3% under invoice add to that TT and T plus $394 DOC fee. Done in 15 minutes. I also locked in 0% 72 months. 
   I have two good deals to choose from. I'm leaning toward the deal with the powertrain warranty which compared to the Horsham deal is $3300 more. That's only $165 a year for insurance. My Astrovan tranny died out of warranty and engine on my wife's Durango quit 1,000 miles within her extended warranty. I have a blank of the warranty and there's fine print with lots of caveats and plenty of hoops to jump through in order to make a claim but I think I'm OK with it. 

 Thanks Ray, Zack and Kim. Hope this is helpful to others looking for a new Ford in south east Pennsylvania. 
P.S. The Horsham Ford owner operator also has the Jeep /Chrysler next door. I don't know the pricing structure there.
I'm having difficulty upgrading YAA membership I'll call my millennial son to help.
 Fred Fons
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