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Having fun looking at cars NOT to buy.

Did Better This Time Thanks to You!

In 2018 while traveling for Christmas in Chicago I had a breakdown - car that is, not me. I leased a car on Christmas Eve morning in a rush. I had never done a lease and because of the timing I didn't haggle on price, I didn't know my money factor, and committed the cardinal sin of telling the salesman my maximum monthly payment, which they beat by $1. 

Determined to be better this time, I started researching and found YAA last December. Two months ago I started test driving cars to find what I wanted. After finding a $15k markup on Kias, no inventory on Foresters, and sky-high payoffs being quoted to other brands, I decided to give VW another look. 

The Taos just came out:
  • Budget priced compact SUV: check
  • Latest driver assistance tech: check
  • Wireless charging and app connectivity: check
I emailed my closest VW dealer, and the internet manager responded that morning with an out the door price, no doc or dealers fees, and discounted about $1400 off MSRP. I asked about trading in on my lease and had just over $2k equity. 

I went that night to test drive, and learned I also qualified for a lease pull ahead program worth about $600. Based on Carmax and Black Book, I negotiated an extra $2k for my trade up to $21,000. Basically I could get into a brand new vehicle that cost about $10k more than my last for only $30 more a month, no extra out of pocket cash. 

In the F&I office, I asked for the money factor to be lower, but the sales manager honestly admitted it was marked up a little for profit since the car was discounted and there were no dealer fees. I accepted that but did negotiate T/W with dent and ding coverage down to $600, supposedly at cost. 

This vehicle was not on my radar at all when I started, but compared to my Jetta I got more space, better tech, and included maintenance and protection for much less than I was originally willing to pay. I'm very happy in the car. 
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