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Help RMV screwed up my cars title

Hello everyone, looking for some direction on resolving a registration/title issue, created by the MA RMV.

I had leased 2018 Honda Accord and was coming up on the end of the lease term. So I purchased the car from Honda Financial with a loan from my credit union. Got all the paper work & went to the RMV. 
In my registration/tile application, I only had 1 lien holder my Credit union mentioned but looks like RMV had for some reason added the "wrong" lien holder as the first lien holder & my credit union as the second lien holder.

I came to know this after getting a letter from my credit union.
FYI I think the mix up happened at the RMV because both the lien holder name starts with D (i.e. Dean Bank & DCU)
DCU is my credit union

How can I fix this mix up ? 

Appreciate any help