Black Rose  sure, David Zisk at Valley Honda in Aurora 
Thanks and good luck in your search. It seems that things will only get more challenging, instead of less.
 Duce  the offer was tendered on 7/31. I asked them to honor it and they did so. I had an impressive experience from start to finish 
 Duce   Last Wednesday (August 4th) 
 Rob Hoeting  I'd like to say it was my masterful negotiating skill, but that pricing was their initial offer. Other dealers I contacted were offering around 42,500 initially. I got one to come down to Valley's price, but it wasn't the color I wanted and they wouldn't lower their price even though I made it clear to them that I wasn't interested in just a matching offer. Others paid lip service to matching the offer but wouldn't give me the detailed price breakdown that Valley did.
 Rob Hoeting  They were offering $1250 manufacturer’s incentive 
 Jeff  thanks! I adore the color. I've had charcoal cars for too many years. Needed to mix things up ☺️