Justise Lasley

Former California Car Sales - Fighting for you
Hey everyone, I am a former car sales person from Northern California, I am excited to be here part of the YAA community helping everyone with anything I can. Ask me anything and I will answer your questions. Sometimes, even correctly.. ;-)

From Sales to Advocacy

Hello All, I'm Justise I did car sales for a short time, while I loved my customers, dealing with management & some tactics were not my favorite part. I used YAA's Vehicle Market Price Report to help my customers and make sure everyone is getting a great deal; while I was still getting paid of course.

I recently left car sales and am getting my real estate license, while in the process of getting my license Ray & Zach have asked me if I could join them in helping out in the community, answering questions and supporting the community. I am so incredibly flattered & grateful to now be part of the YAA community and hope I can do Ray & Zach proud and help as many of you as I can.

See you all on the boards. 

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