Kia Dealerships w/o Markups in California

I've called 6 different Kia dealerships in SoCal (I'm based in San Diego) and everyone is doing crazy markups ($2K to $8K from what I've seen so far). I'm looking for a Sorrento / Telluride so I'm not surprised (just annoyed). I wanted to ask if anybody has found a dealership that's not doing any markups in California/Arizona/Nevada?

Private Party Purchase Questions

I'm thinking about buying a used Kia Telluride (I know it's crazy; wish me luck). I found one I like via a private party, and I have a few questions about private party purchases generally:

1. How would you recommend getting the car inspected prior to purchase? It's a bit awkward to ask a car owner to drive their vehicle to a mechanic they don't know, but I'm sure they'll be willing to do it if they want to sell it.

2. If the owner still owes money on the car via a loan, how do I ensure that the amount I pay the owner is all I'm obligated to pay (I'm not seeking to get a loan)?

3. Do manufacturer warranties (i.e. KIA's) carry over to second owners?

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!

Many thanks!