Promotional ideas

Just a thought, perhaps as a way to entice people into long term member ship, and as a way to promote/sell products, arrange for a monthly or quarterly contest. 

Could have winners of 'best deal off MSRP', for new and used, or something equivalent for leases, to win a discount on membership, warranty or service contract products, or the long awaited Merch (mechandise) - hoodies, t-shirt- coffee/tea mugs, key fob protectors , etc.

Start with 2020 so my deal is included 😃
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Early bubble deal

In 1 month I just bought 2 brand new cars thanks to YAA.

About mid February 2020, I pulled my FICO scores, went to a couple banks and got pre approval rates, used Your Auto Advocate(YAA) market reports, sent emails based on YAA templates to dealers starting the conversations, narrowed serious interest to 4, and waited until the end of the month to pull the trigger. February 26'th, I drove over 2 hours to make a purchase on a 2020 Mazda cx-5 Grand touring, and got a great deal, 26,884.00 from MRSP of 33,110.00 = 19% off MRSP! Even better, Using YAA's 'value my trade-in' feature, I verified the car's actual value (2000.00 more than I paid) against appraisals from car vendors (Carvana, etc). March 28'th, I traded up for a new Mazda 2020 CX-5 Signature at 32200 from 38445.00, almost 17% off MRSP.

I gained tremendous knowledge and confidence about the purchase process, through many email conversations with Zach, Ray and Kim. I saved thousands with an investment of 45.00~

I am grateful for the assistance I got Back in March, only wish YAA had all these new features back when I was doing my research. I doubt I could get as good a deal now as back then, unless I were to wait for for the bubble burst aftermath, and aim for late fall or early 2021, looking for makers with a glut of inventory and incentives.

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