Sandra Hicks (Sandy)

Retired Nurse Practitioner.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone.

Iโ€™m away visiting with family and look forward to getting back to live streams with Ray and Zach in 2022! Blessings and health to all!ย 
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Hoping I hear from Hyundai tomorrow

Well as I posted awhile back my new Tucson Hybrid went back to the Hyundai dealership after the engine light came on and diagnostics revealed the problem is with a temperature management component.ย  This occurred on day 11 of ownership. The last update I received was "the part is on back order and is expected Nov 22"ย  They have had the car for 3 1/2 weeks - so much so that my Hyundai App tells me the battery is too low and Blue Link is disconnecting. (I did sent them a text reporting this message.)
I will continue to update.ย  Sigh.
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My new Tucson Hybrid had engine light come on after less than 2 weeks.

Well I have to say I really really love this car and it was quite a shock to receive a notice that there was something going on in the "Engine Control System". ย I took the car to the dealership and needed to make an appt - they apparently are booked into the next month- but they fit me in 48 hrs later. ย The initial diagnosis was "something in the Hybrid system" and they provided a rental so they could spend more time with evaluation. ย The next update reported that the car needed a "temperature management component" and the part was ordered for expedited delivery. Hoping to get the car back on Monday but they couldn't be sure. ย SOOOO a detour in the journey to my new car. ย Oh well. ย Life happens. Not upset - just surprised but realizing that new technology comes with issues at times. ย Thanks for listening.
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Hey Everyone

FINALLY FINALLY I am so VERY happy to report that I took delivery today on a 2022 Tucson Hybrid Limited and my experience was incredible.ย  I paid MSRP and no pressure at all for any thing over and above.ย  Many things were offered but no pressureย  - and I was paying cash as well. I had been researching for months and was concerned there would be dealer markup d/t high demand for this particular car but this was as smooth as it could be.ย  Wonderful dealership IMHO - Burns Hyundai in Marlton NJ.ย  (I gave up on Turnersville as I never heard from them after several attempts to ask for updates etc.)
I'm giving myself a ย STAMP OF APPROVAL. ย Looking forward to continuing with YAA and sharing others' great experiences in this challenging time.
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