Angela Curran

State of the VW GTI I just bought from SHIFT

Hi Everyone,

I bought the VW 2018 GTI from Shift. I will do a review post of my experience with the SHIFT purchase later. The out the door price is $25,670 (a LOT for me, but best price in the area).

Right now I have 7 days to take it back.

My trusted mechanic went over the car carefully.

As expected, I need new tires, but I negotiated $300 off the price to use towards new tires.

Of greater concern is that there is very minor oil seepage at the upper timing cover gasket. 

And very minor oil seepage at the valve cover gasket.

Should I negotiate with SHIFT to have them take it back and do the work there?  

With my Honda Civic SI there was no oil leaks of any kinds until about 120,000 miles. 

This VW GTI 2018 just has 43,5000 miles. So I am a bit concerned.

Thank you for any thoughts/advice. 😀