Christopher Gallagher

Hi All! I'm a Essential Worker in the van delivery space.
 Alex AKA Alaska Sound Guy  Thx i checked this site & see no MArket Reports. My zip is 44055. Is it for only Pro Members? I don't even know what i am except $30 monthly i think
 Alex AKA Alaska Sound Guy  Thank you. i didnt yet because i thought i'd 1st try to keep it in the family as they say but i'll see
 Ray Shefska  Hi! Was that factory ordering video taken down? I've looked all around. Thx

Congratulations Adam! Thats my Goal because i can double my income & having been delivering in them otr for the past several yrs I love so much about them however because of my medical challenges my FICO went to about 550-620 so coming up with "10k" means i'll be saving for awhile🙄
Social Security won't allow me to make more then $800 per month so are you hiring for aprox. 15-20 hrs per week?
 Kimberly Kline  thank you it does help and since I want to fix my fico i also needed my payment to be as low as possible and i'm willing to spread it out for 84 months but it seems i wouldnt be approved until i get my ssdi back pay to buy a used car to work a part time job. Hash tag Crying in Cleveland