Christopher Gallagher

Hi All! I'm a Essential Worker in the van delivery space.

Hello All! I have 2 questions pls

#1) IfΒ  car is for sale but it states its been in a accident is it best to pass or get a Private Inspection?

@2) I'm not sure why i have difficulty finding stuff on this site but i'l looking for cars for sale but I guess other members don't do that since i suggested it about 3 wks ago to no avail. Take care

No tab

Where or how do we check the market price reports? Theres no mention in the left tabs

Does anyone have a used car they want to sell me?

I'm not looking for anything special. Just a car that will get me around to run errands.

In Ohio Used cars

Will the members be selling their used car to ea. other? I'm in the market

Buying a car from out of state

Hi Friends! Here in Ohio even from the little searching i did al beit not recent there is alot of used cars so is the a reason i would need to shop out of state? I wouldn'tΒ  have extra money toΒ  take a greyhound to go pick it up. I appreciate any direction

Re. yesterdays stream

Β I saw a happy member that bought from Carmax & my question is do any of them do used cars? I'm hoping for a Honda or a Toyota. My budget in Ohio is between $3,000-$6,000. On the other places that Zach mentioned on a YAA recording i don't remember when but the replay was a question about waiting or not & the other places ZAch said don't wait check Shipt, Carmax, Carvanna, Blackbook & Vroom. Thank you

Electric cars

Hi Team! Will there be any providing of value re. Electric cars i.e how to order 1, what i need to know re. customs, etc? I plan to buy it all cash. I saw a presentation yesterday & it was a HONDA E. Thank you.

2 Questions

Β Hello ALL! My 1st question is re. a lease since i love what i'm learning here about it so thank you very much, anyways would it be a better chance to be approved for a lease then finance with my low 630 fico & my only income is SSDI? I'm keeping in mind that i'm aware theres so many other valuables when asking this question but maybe just to get an idea it can help me decide to look elsewhere. Second question is has anyone in our communityΒ  see these on-line cars ads i.e. Car Gurus & when you click it goes into clarity on all important info and then when you get to the Payment estimate it says something very low that i wasn't aware existedΒ  like $40 per month?