Purchase Success!... for 2021 I guess

I just purchased a new 2020 Honda Accord Hybrid Touring for a god awful amount of money.  But... I'm calling it a success because I successfully purchased a car.

Here's the deal, everybody knows it's a horrible time to buy a car. I put it off 3 times and just needed to pull the trigger. Unfortunate timing on my part, but it is what it is.

I had many dealerships not get back to me. I had many be highly... arrogant. I had a handful that were clearly overwhelmed, or they are incompetent.  
Still, I had a minor few that were pleasant.  

I was originally looking at a 2021, but seeing as everybody was selling it at MSRP, or above MSRP I opted to make a deal on a year old car. The car I could get would be a year old, but essentially the same thing I wanted and in a palatable color (white, which I didn't want but I can deal with).  Still new though, just sitting on a lot for a year (with the YAA reports I could see they had it for 4.5 months, so another lot clearly had it for the prior 7 months).

The dealership offered $3100 off MSRP, and would not budge any more, nor would they negotiate added items (door edge guards for $200 and security system for $300).  

So I basically figured there is no way I am getting a better deal.  Most other dealerships had add ons around $3000 that they would not negotiate.  so $500 sounded like a deal in comparison.  Top that off, these guys were a distance from me, so a different county and I saved about a percent in sales tax. 
I threw out a plea to throw me a bone. I asked for a flat out the door price that was $160ish dollars off their numbers. I told them it helps me pay for gas (this place was just under 2 hours from me) and I can take my wife out to lunch afterwards. They get a sale and can start their week strong.  The sales manager responded back with the new summary giving it to me.
Not a great negotiation but I saved $4500ish from going with the 2021 model overall.

I also ended up getting financing from them. They got me a quoted rate of 2.13% where my pre approval from my bank was 2.3%.  I asked them what the buy rate was and they said that was it. They stated if they did any mark up it would have to be at least 1%.  The guy seemed sincere, which he might be a really good poker player. But considering the rate was approximately (and actually better) than my bank rate I believe him.

So thank you YAA and the community. This was a fairly lackluster "deal" because of the market, but a very clean transaction and I felt I had at least an inkling of what the car world is like so I didn't get taken advantage of.  Now I'm driving a car nicer than my home. 
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