New Mom
Mom in the city looking to buy a car

Parents with RDX

How does the space hold out for you? I found a 2014 RDX, and I'm afraid it may not be enough space as I am used to the CR-V generous cargo space.

Yourmechanic.com question

Has anyone used their services before? I'm trying to find a fast Pre Purchase Inspection company and wanted to know their timeframe.

Lemonsquard can take a week to give me a complete report of the car after the 2 days it'll take them to get to the location.

West Lakes Fianncial

Has anyone worked with them before? What was the experience like?
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First Car Thread

Can we make this a thread of everyone posting pictures of themselves and their first car because, at this point in the pandemic, I'm about to purchase a 20+ old hoopty and call it a day 😢

How bad is the Nissan Murano?

I was thinking about pivotin from a CR-V to a 2013 Nissan Murano, but I keep hearing that they have terrible transmission issues.

(I want a used car, I know it's cheaper to lease but I'm planning on financing and paying it off within the year.)

Looking for a Used CRV in NYC

I made the wise decision to buy my first car during a pandemic. I was planning on waiting, but things happened, and now I need one within the next 30 days but no less than 2 weeks. Due to inflation, the car buying industry has been very confusing, and I don't know if I'm paying too much or by how much.

Is 15k for a 2012 CRV with 80k miles too expensive? (I can try to get it down to around 10k) Should I lease a 2021 CRV instead?