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Lithium shortages

Of the vehicles you have owned over the years, what do you feel are the top two brands?

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Follow the money

Follow the money


I just finished watching your most current You Tube post about the average price of cars.
Am I the only one who remembers the housing market in 2007 โ€“ 2008?
"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it"
Now that there is โ€œNew Moneyโ€ in the car business, the pizza guy is probably the next one to sell cars.
The consequences may not be as dire, but the next step would be banks packaging loan portfolios of underwater car loans and selling them to other lenders in order to reduce their liability.


Damn! This is scary.

Your Advocate Alliance


Can you elaborate on how you plan to expand your company now that you have found additional funding?
You guys pretty much knocked it out of the park with โ€œYour Auto Advocateโ€.
I have learned more from this single website than all the others I have spent my time with on the internet.
Perhaps itโ€™s your charming personality or the depth of knowledge your father provides.
Please consider expanding to financial advice.
Over the years I have found that people offering financial advice would be better suited in a different vocation.
Either they are pushing you their product, or if as successful as they advertise to be โ€œshould be living on an island sipping drinks with an umbrella in itโ€.
In either case I have found them to be full of Sh_t.
Sound financial advice and best practices would be much appreciated.
Hell, given your track record I would be willing to pay extra for it.

Steve S.
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Selling A Vehicle

Please think about this when selling a vehicle.
Lately I have been watching the used car market.
The one thing I have found in common about private sellers is they are emotionally attached to their vehicles.
Here is a reality check, โ€œItโ€™s a hunk of sheet metalโ€.
I know, you love your car and have customized it to your liking.
Honestly, I donโ€™t give a Shit.
Check the market, and PLEASE price it accordingly.
Remember, โ€œYou Are NOT A Dealerโ€
Call me a โ€œGrumpy Old Fartโ€ but this is my opinion.
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