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Phone deals take page out of auto dealer playbook

With the release if the new iPhone, there are a plethora of deals on the new and previous models. One thing a lot of these have in common is they are borrowing an unethical advertising strategy from the automotive industry. To get the advertised price, you have to trade in your old device, which must be a certain model year or newer or a minimum value (and phones depreciate even faster than vehicles). I think it’s interesting how similar these two industries are becoming. There has even been a shift over  the last several years toward a focus on payment vs. out the door price. For phones! 

Dealer price change delayed in reports

I noticed a dealer dropped the price 3k on one of its vehicles, and when I update a market  price report, the old price is still listed. The odd thing is, the price graph seems to have picked up the change. I did update the same report yesterday, so maybe that value stays cached for longer than whatever is used to build the graph, or maybe the graph is generated on demand and the price is scraped from the dealer site daily? Just guessing as to how this works on the backend. I’ll check again later and see if it updates. 

OTD calculator bug?

If I rerun a report on the same vehicle and choose a different zip code (dealer’s vs my own), the first zip code is always used. Deleting the first report does not solve the issue. 

Steps to reproduce:
- Run a report for a vehicle and select “use dealer’s zip”
- Notice the dealer’s zip code is added on the OTD calculator tab. 
- Run a new report for the same vehicle VIN and select “use my own zip”
- Notice the dealer’s zip code is still used on the OTD calculator tab. 

I haven’t tested waiting between running the two reports to see if it might be a caching issue. 

Also, it seems like the dealer’s zip should always be used for the doc fee, while the user’s zip should be used for taxes and fees. This would eliminate the need to choose an option when running the report (except for the related vehicle search center). 
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