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OTD calculator bug?

If I rerun a report on the same vehicle and choose a different zip code (dealerโ€™s vs my own), the first zip code is always used. Deleting the first report does not solve the issue.ย 

Steps to reproduce:
- Run a report for a vehicle and select โ€œuse dealerโ€™s zipโ€
- Notice the dealerโ€™s zip code is added on the OTD calculator tab.ย 
- Run a new report for the same vehicle VIN and select โ€œuse my own zipโ€
- Notice the dealerโ€™s zip code is still used on the OTD calculator tab.ย 

I havenโ€™t tested waiting between running the two reports to see if it might be a caching issue.ย 

Also, it seems like the dealerโ€™s zip should always be used for the doc fee, while the userโ€™s zip should be used for taxes and fees. This would eliminate the need to choose an option when running the report (except for the related vehicle search center).ย