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Durango Order Successful!!

Hey guys! I wanted to post in here and say thank you to both you and your Dad. Thanks to your videos I was able to secure a really great (in my opinion) deal on a new 2021 Durango SRT 392 factory order. Here is a run-down and how you helped!

First off, I was going to wait to pull the trigger and drive my current vehicle (2015 Jeep Patriot) into the ground. Unfortunately the world had other plans when someone hit me on the highway and then took off before I could get a picture of his plates. I had been wanting to have the Durango for a year and a half and when I got the repair estimate back I decided to pull the trigger instead of pay for the repair. I was able to get a fantastic trade in value (only about 2k less than I would have got if the car was in perfect condition) thanks to your advice in getting offers from carvana and carmax etc. Once we had built the car, I got them to take off all their normal "additions" to the car I didn't want (vin etching, extra coatings, and brake check additions) because you had shared with me as a factory order they didn't need to put any of that on! I even got them to not put a sticker for the dealership on the car! (shout out to Ray for that great idea) I got them to take off any additional dealer markup, and ended up with the car at MSRP plus $170 in doc fees because I knew about the advertising a floor space money that the manufacturers give them. I feel like I could not have done this without you guys. Put my $1000 down and expect delivery in 16-18 weeks!

Thanks to you both so much! I'll be subscribing for the year since I think my Wife is going to need a new vehicle next year as well. 
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