2022 Hyundai Palisade Calligraphy

Finally picked up our 2022 Steel Graphite Palisade on Friday.  We ordered it almost 3 months ago on June 10th.  When we ordered it, the first thing I asked was "what's the additional dealer markup", and to my surprise there wasn't one.  I was skeptical that they'd keep their word with all the horror stories I've read over the last few months.  I called them about a month after ordering to make sure they'd still sell it for MSRP with no ADM, and they said yes.

Fast forward to 3 days ago, we get to the dealership to pick up our car.  I have all these thoughts running through my head as I've watched so many of  Zach Shefska  and  Ray Shefska  and  Kimberly Kline  's videos over the last few months.  We sit down with the salesman, he pulls up our OTD number, and it's exactly what we discussed.  MSRP plus accessories, their bogus doc fee and some state taxes and fees.  I tried to get them to remove the doc fee, or lower the MSRP by that amount.  No dice but I tried.

We traded in a 2017 Subaru Forester and I made sure to check all the online usual suspects to get a price if we sold it to them.  They were all around $18k-$19.5k, the car was in great condition.  At the dealership, they offered us $17.9k for our car.  I was able to get them up to $18.5k which I was happy with since we got a tax credit which ultimately got us to just over $20k for the trade in plus the tax credit on the new car.  I probably could have got more, but like I said, I was happy and I didn't have to deal with selling it after the purchase.  I also asked about incentives and I know Zach posts those every 2 weeks or so.  Unfortunately those did not apply at that dealership.  That wrapped up the front end part of the sale.  I checked their website today and they are selling our trade in for $22.5k.  Now into F&I.

We'd been at the dealership for 3 hours so far.  They weren't the fastest dealership in the world and we had to go pick up our kids in about 45 mins.  Right when the finance manager brought us into his office, I tried to nicely let him know we have to hurry this along.  He did his talk about all the products and I told him I was interested in hearing about their VSC.  He walked through it, talked about the $x more to our monthly payment to which I asked "what's the actual price of the VSC".  He looked surprised as I guess he doesn't get that question very often.  He pulled it up and it was about $3700.  I told him I'd think about it.  Next our financing approval came through.  4.66% for 72 mo.  I asked to see our buy rate, again he gave me a funny look.  The next words out of his mouth were "do you have experience in the car industry?"  I laughed and made up a line about my Dad being in the car industry.  I really owe my knowledge to YAA.  Asking the right questions gave me instant credibility.  He said, let me see if I can shop around and get you a better rate.  He was able to find another place that could give us 3.99%.  I told him the CU down the street from my house could do 3.25% so he kept hunting.  At this time my wife is nervously twitching in her chair because we absolutely had to get out of there to go pick up our boys and the F&I manager picked up on that.  He wrote us up a buy order so we could legally take the car, go pick up the kids and come back.

Before we left, I told him that I'd be back in about an hour to wrap up my signatures and my wife would come back in the morning.  I walk back in and the first thing he says is "I have some good news, I got you 3.1% and I'll give you the VSC at $500 over cost".  I said lets write it up.  Ended up getting the VCS for $2600, $1100 off the initial price.  He didn't try to push anything else on me.  Told me what he'd personally get and that was it.  I owe that to the questions I asked earlier.  Being it was just him and I, we chatted about the car industry and he was the coolest guy.  We talked about what his current supply was, they had 15 vehicles.  We talked about Ford moving to their new buying model.  I was able to have an intelligent conversation all thanks to YAA.

My wife went back the next day, wrapped up her portion and that was it.  I had a great experience and again, I owe it all to YAA.  Thanks Ray, Zach and Kimberly.
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