My Experience with Chevy Silverado 1500

Ray and Zach,
I wrote this at the end of May....the 4th car I've helped someone buy or bought in the past year and a half. 

I sold my Lacrosse to Carvana, thanks for your info, they offered $2,000 more than VROOM, KBB instant cash offer, Carmax and a local dealership. Was extremely clean and well maintained car, no reconditioning. Did have to spend 4.5 hours on hold waiting to speak to someone from Carvana to move the process forward. I recommend that you call at 8am to get in queue. 

I recently drove 150+ miles to find a Cherry Red Tintcoat 2021 Chevy Silverado 1500 LTZ 4wd with the 3.0 Duramax Diesel and including the multi-flex tailgate (GMC has multipro). VIN 3GCUYGET1MG314232 After calling several dealers local to me that had a red Chevy or GMC (the red is so amazing in real life no pictures do it justice) and half of them not honoring the GMS (GM employee or supplier discount) I had to search far and wide. Many of the dealers I called had addendum stickers (rip-off stickers) or weren’t even honoring the cash allowance from the manufacturer ($4k-$4.5k). Several told me they were charging over MSRP. One told me that they would maybe offer the discount and that I would have to come in and go through the whole ordeal to find out what price I might get and it would be decided by the Sales Manager that day. 

So I was about to give up because I don’t mind the transparent honesty but there were several that were clearly playing games with people. Multiple places based on dealerrater reviews were requiring that the cars be sold with paint and interior protections without discounts. One dealer even says to people that the owner requires it and won’t sell a car without it. It’s basically scotchguard spray for the interior and some cheap spray on the outside (not ceramic coating) based on the reviews. 

I was about to give up and until I saw the one I purchased and realized I had to act quickly before that was gone. I had considered working with a local dealer (who all had very little inventory) were honest and I’m thankful when they admitted that trading/swapping is very hard right now because both don’t have enough inventory to make it work easily. Luckily for me the dealership was a small town dealership that didn’t play games, require a despot or try to sell it out from under me. I called on a Saturday and they said that everyone was gone for the weekend but I could call Monday and complete the deal. It was basically an online sale and everything was low pressure and very transparent. We completed the finance section on their website not the manufacturer (they get some kind of credit) within 2 days they overnighted the paperwork and told me to bring it with me when I picked up the vehicle. They explained the OTD price and the F&I guy told me the buy rate and other info without hesitation after they beat our pre-approval from Navy Federal Credit Union using the captive finance arm (GM Financial).

Then I obtained several quotes for getting it shipped and the prices for the 150+ mile transport were $250-$575. I was fortunate enough to get a ride. I had taken your earlier advice and used Carvana to sell my car at $2k more than (though the 3 hour wait on the phone to speak to a live person to expedite the process is another story if you want to hear it sometime) carman, kbb instant cash offer and 2 dealership used car managers were willing to offer. I was able to find someone to drive us to get the vehicle. Pretty sure they offer more because there is very little overhead (very few employees or brick and mortar locations).

We only spent 5 minutes in the F&I office and were back on the road heading home. Before we worked in the office, the Executive Manager (#2 guy in their hierarchy after the dealer principal) didn’t give me the invoice, a copy or let me take a picture. However he went through everything on the sheet on explained what it meant, how it worked and what they stood to make and how. It was like stepping back in time working with this dealer, if everyone did business like they did I think people wouldn’t be so frustrated with car dealers. He told me that he orders the cars based on their allocation and restrictions that exist for the models or their allotment. 

He told me he could sell it to another dealer for $61,000. I didn’t really understand or know what question to ask as a followup. But basically he said that the way the market is that in a really hot area a dealer would offer $3k over price and be able to sell it higher? 

I then returned the favor and told him about how bad the chip shortage was. How the Renesas fire (makes 30% of worldwide chips for cars?) had a massive fire in the spring and that they had lost 17 machines to make chips and had 10 damaged and no timeline for replacing the one that were destroyed. And that the rough timeline for chips to get from order to dealer was 6 months. He face got a little white because I think he believed what automakers were saying when they said it would be normal (ish?) in September…

Thank you guys for your help from the videos that I’ve watched. Below are the numbers from the invoice conversation that I had with the Executive Manager. I am still looking at getting a VSC from y’all just wish that a tires and wheels package was available…. Smaller town dealers with decent ratings are the best ones to deal with in my experience so far for GM products in terms of offers and customer treatment.

58,000 MSRP (YES! Really 58,000.00, includes Destination Freight Charges and packages discounts)
52,751 Employee Discount
+4,250 Taxes and fees
-4,000 (Manufacturer cash allowance)
$53,001 OTD Price

55,380 (Dealer Invoice Price)
54,935 Supplier Discount
Holdback $1,689
Their AD.   $563
CO-OP AD $563

I can’t recall exactly what he called these two below but basically they reimburse the dealer above the line to try to make it meet dealer invoice price after the employee or supplier discount is applied

$3189 Employee Discount Reimbursement

$1089 Supplier Discount Reimbursement

P.S. GM companies have specials offers on their website to help people qualify for supplier discounts. EXAMPLE:
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