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Former test pilot and airplane salesman. Play golf and travel as much as I can these days.

After 6 Week Search…Success!

Yeah…that’s right. Countless crazy discussions with car dealers up and down the east coast from Boston to Virginia for my BMW i3. The car was discontinued for US customers end of July, so on top of the current car market, you have that. Ended up with one of the last new ones in the country.

Learned so much from ALL of you. Justise was most helpful on an individual basis through chat. Much was confirmation I wasn’t nuts, this is really going on and I wasn’t alone. Very responsive in all respects. If he didn’t know something he’d say as much.

Anyway got a brand new i3 on a lease with only $522 (first payment) out the door. That’s with $10,500 off MSRP. BMW takes the $7,500 EV tax break on a lease plus they took off more but I didn’t ask or wanna know. Given the 6G’s I made selling the pickup to CARMAX, that puts this payment around $330\month. The residual and the rest I could care less. You’d have to be on crack to actually buy a car like this with long term maintenance on a carbon fiber, body on frame unique EV.

Looked at used and new. The deals just kept falling through…and you know what? I’m glad they did cause we got what was best all around.
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