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Former test pilot and airplane salesman. Play golf and travel as much as I can these days.
Not sure about discount. For a lease, once they said I was out the door with the only the first payment, 36 months, I didn’t really care how they got there or what the residual would be since I wasn’t gonna keep a limited “experimental” BMW after the lease. Best I remember the residual was around 28 and I recall teasing the sales guy that used non-CPO 2018’s we’re going for that much.

BMW continued their August “sale” in to September and I know there was a required dealer contribution in there somewhere. I also don’t think we really qualified for the “loyalty discount” based on the fine print of BMW’s offer. Ours other BMW is an ‘06 convertible. Think it was suppose to be a 2017-2018 or newer kinda thing.

Rockville wasn’t even going to sell it to me because I was outside their “region”. However, there was only 1 or 2 new ones left on the entire east coast. And sales guy says this pure EV requires so little maintenance their service department isn’t losing any money.
Just over 50,000 MSRP. The 7,500 Federal tax lease credit and I did get a loyalty but didn’t think it was 3,500 but yesterday the total worked out to 10,500 off the lease and 521/month for 36 months. 

I think it was unique in that BMW was ending US deliveries of the car in July. The car was more of a BMW “experimental” car to gather data for their full line of EV’s. Plus, BMW wanted to get rid of their US inventory and start fresh with the i4 deliveries next year.
Wow…guess our BMW i3 “toy” was a sweet lease deal getting over $10,000 off MSRP and walking out with just 1st month payment.