Welcome to the YAA Community!

Hey! Welcome to the YAA Community. My name is Zach Shefska. You might recognize me and my dad (Ray Shefska) from our YouTube videos. Thank you for being a part of the YAA community.

From buying to selling — and everything in between — YAA is here to empower you throughout your vehicle purchase and ownership experience.

If you are buying or leasing a car ...

Please watch this video! Buying or leasing a vehicle in 2021 is more challenging than ever before. YAA is here to help.


We also wrote a four part series on how to buy a car in 2021 that should be helpful: https://joinyaa.com/guides/buying-a-car-in-2021/

YAA Research Tools exist to help you negotiate a fair deal. Use the Market Price Report, Email Templates, and more to assist you through the process. Ask questions in the YAA Tools channel to get help and learn how other YAA members are securing their deals.

Last but not least, ask your car buying or leasing questions in the appropriate community channels. Once you've received a quote from a dealership, get it reviewed in the Review My Deal channel.

If you're thinking about an extended warranty ...

Please, please, please read this guide to "extended warranties" before making a decision to purchase one or not. So many people have been "burned" by extended warranties before, and we want to make sure you are not one of them.

To learn more about a YAA Vehicle Service Contract, please read this: https://joinyaa.com/guides/your-auto-advocate-extended-warranty/

If you're trading in a car ...

Trading in, or selling a vehicle can be confusing. Don't let it be! Watch this video to understand how car dealers value trade ins.
My dad wrote this guide as well that I think you'll find helpful: https://joinyaa.com/guides/car-trade-in/

If you own your vehicle ...

Service and maintenance can be confusing. Ask your questions in the Service and Maintenance community channel. We also have many YouTube videos specifically on servicing your vehicle. Check them out below!
There you have it. That's the YAA Community in a nutshell. Click around, explore, learn, and contribute. We're all here for the same reason; to save money, feel empowered, and help others.

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